Our schools are teaching cowardice

Brisbane Times - A third Ipswich school in less than a fortnight has been placed into lockdown amid threats of violence, after a 10-year-old boy carrying a stick threatened the safety of staff and students. Police were called to Churchill State School yesterday morning after a young student began abusing classmates and teachers before picking up a stick and threatening to attack staff. Students were forced to stay on the ground, doors were locked and the bell sounded for 10 minutes during the lockdown. The Ipswich Child Protection Investigation Unit said the child lashed out because he did not like being told what to do.
A long time ago when I lived in a far more dangerous part of the world, I happened to be with my parents at the local grocery store. We didn't hear anything or know anything was going on at the time, but apparently while we were in the store, some criminal was outside the store brandishing a firearm. There was a principal of a nearby school in the crowd and he apparently stepped forward and told the fellow to put his gun down and if he wanted, to go ahead and shoot him. A very brave thing to do, but the crim backed down and they found out later that the gun had no bullets in it.

Now that's something to admire, the principal and the people were faced with the real possibility of being shot, but they decided to make a stand, effectively telling the crim, no scumbag you ain't getting shit from us, now if you want to dance, bring it on. If I remember correctly the cops arrived before the crowd could take the fellow away for some proper "education". Mind you, I have a feeling he got the right amount of education from the cops.

But here I am in a western country, hearing of a 10-year-old little rascal, who stopped an entire school, brought it to a standstill, ground to a halt, kids and teachers crawling around on the floor; a 10-year-old little rascal with a stick, that's all it takes in the western world apparently. I don't know this school, but there must have been at least 50 students there, 5 or 10 teachers, and they did not have the brains to get together and take on a little runt with a damn stick! No, the police, the riot-squad, the effing army, the SAS and the air force have to be called in.

No one thought of throwing a chair at him, a book, a shoe, a damn roll of toilet paper for @#$sakes! I'm not kidding here folks, I have read this a number of times and checked other sources, it's hard to believe I know, but this story is for real. This is what passes for education in this country, go to school a kid, come out the other side a fully-fledged pansy, coward, wussy, wanker, daisy, take your pick. This is so embarrassing, I know 10-year-olds and if one of them ever threw a tantrum and grabbed a stick, first I'd have a good laugh, then kick his ass back into line.

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