Must not satirize Australian blacks

The usual slang term for Aborigines in Australia is "boong" (with "oo" pronounced as in "look") but I gather that "noonga" must be a variant used in Western Australia. "Boong" is just as derogatory as "n*gger" in the USA but does not evoke the sort of hysteria often seen in the USA. Somebody seems to have pushed it a bit too far, however.

"A website set up by a Perth student about a fictional Aboriginal character has been shut down and is being investigated by police amid racism claims.

The website, which Radio 6PR reports was created by a 19-year-old Curtin University student, features audio excerpts of a character called "Nigel the crazy Noonga", who prank calls businesses and fast-food outlets with a fake Aboriginal accent.

The portrayal of negative Aboriginal stereotypes has sparked outrage from the Aboriginal community. Craig Somerville, lecturer at the Curtin University Centre for Aboriginal Studies, told 6PR he believed the material on the website had crossed the line between humour and racism.

Despite the website being shut down, the fictional Aboriginal character can still found on the internet with a dedicated YouTube channel and profiles on MySpace and Facebook.

The Facebook "Just for fun" group set up for "Nigel the crazy Noonga" has 317 members and describes "Nigel" as "your friendly neighbourhood Noonga". It also pokes fun at the character's fictional solvent abuse, describing it as his own personal "dreamtime".

Sergeant Greg Lambert said police were aware of the website and were investigating.


I doubt that any law was broken. The State of Victoria is the one with draconian speech laws.

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