45 Million dollars for zero houses

The Australian - THE federal government has given the Northern Territory four months to lift its game on Aboriginal housing after confirming $45 million was spent on a housing program without a single house being built. If the Northern Territory fails to improve its stewardship of the $672m Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program, designed to deliver 750 new houses by 2013, it could face federal control.

......Total expenditure under the SIHIP as at June 30 was $45.54m, including $7.6m in capital costs, $20.18m in one-off establishment costs and scoping and $17.76m for program management. While refurbishments had been completed in the Tiwi Islands and houses were under construction at Groote Eylandt, no houses had been completed despite the spending.
You know what I can't understand, why are they being given 4 months. If you gave me a million dollars, never mind $45 million, and after a few months, there was no house in sight and most of the money is gone somewhere into the ether, you'd rightly be picking out a horse whip for my ass. I guess this is how things work when it's the taxpayers money and the government in charge doesn't really care since it's all just figures, paper money and things like that.

I would also ask why millions and millions of taxpayers dollars are being used to build any house, let alone 750, for aboriginals since we're all supposed to be equals in this country and they are not inferior to us, but it's too early in the evening to start hitting the bottle so I'll just try not to think about it.

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