World bank wants to tax us

The Age - RICH, high carbon emitting countries like Australia need to financially support poorer countries bearing the impact of climate change, a new World Bank report says. The bank's World Development Report has called for urgent action on climate change, saying the world must act now to avoid catastrophic temperature rises in the future. The report calls for emissions cuts of 80 per cent by 2050.
Yes, yes off course, the end is nigh, you must burn the house down and move into a cave and start crapping in a hole or Gaia will be most upset and will unleash fierce storms and raging fires to punish you. The report doesn’t mention that the fat cats in the world bank will be moving out of their fancy offices into some sort of jungle and holding their meetings around a camp fire stone. I guess the turning off of electricity and the return to horse-drawn carriage and subsistence farming is only for you peasants and unwashed.
……”Developed countries need to contribute to the fund to support research in clean energy technology and to make those kind of technologies transportable to the developing countries, and also to help the developing countries adopt those technologies,” he said before the report’s launch today. “The developed countries today need to share a large (financial) responsibility for the developing countries’ action in mitigation as well as adaptation.” Mr Lin would not say how much developed countries should subsidize the world’s poorer nations, but added he expected the matter to be discussed at the upcoming Copenhagen climate talks.
In another article, they talk about spending billions upon billions to keep the temperature from rising more than 2 degrees. They don’t mention anything about guarantees that spending 99 billion will stop the temperature from rising or that a certain amount is enough. The truth is that even if we do agree to ship off billions and billions to 3rd world dictators and various shitholes, when the time finally rolls around, it’ll never be enough. You’ll never quite get to that 2 degree mark or some asshole somewhere will tell us 2 degrees is not enough, a new target of 3 or 4 has to be met or the end is nigh, the polar bear fell into the water, death is upon us etc.

They mention figures like 50 and 60 billion, but you and I both know that won’t be enough. No matter what happens, whether it gets cold or hot, snow or no snow, these types will always find a reason for us to give up more of our hard-earned to those that didn’t do the earning. And notice how it’s always “developed countries”, like these are persons on their own working away shoveling shit and earning money or something. They’re always careful to avoid telling the truth, that it’ll be ordinary citizens who make the money that they’ll just have to give away to someone, somewhere to save the planet.

What most of us have to understand is that, they will never stop wanting to siphon away more and more and more from us for whatever reason. And we also need to understand that it’s not really about the reasons, that’s never what it’s about, what it’s really about is addressing their constant irritation that you actually get to keep what you worked for.

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