Yay, for gun control and CCTV!

LiveNews - Charges have been laid against four men following a violent brawl between two bikie gangs at Sydney Airport which left one man dead. Witnesses have described how a group of about 15 men armed themselves with metal bollards during the brawl, which broke out at the Qantas domestic departure area at about 1.30pm (AEDT) on Sunday. "One man was treated at the scene after being assaulted. He died later in Prince of Wales Hospital," police said in a statement.

News.com.au - A WOMAN and her son have escaped injury during the latest in the spate of Sydney drive-by shootings, police said today. The pair were inside their Sartor Avenue home at Bossley Park in Sydney's west about 10pm (AEDT) last night when the property was showered with gunfire. "Several shots were fired into the home, penetrating the front of the house," police said.

At about 1am (AEDT) yesterday afternoon at Auburn, in Sydney's west, seven houses in three streets were sprayed with gunfire. An 18-year-old man was shot in the leg and a 17-year-old male was treated for lacerations and then arrested but later released. Police are investigating if outlaw motorcycle gangs are to blame for the Sunday morning attack.
Yet if you wanted to carry a weapon around with you to protect your family since it's pretty obvious the politicians, police and government nannies can't keep you safe with their plethora's of cameras, laws and all that; they'll all come running to arrest you and beat you over the head for trying to do what they cannot and will not.

As expected, all the nannies are gathering at various meetings today, funded by us to waffle on about how they won't stand for all this, how they're going to pass tough new laws to put an end to all this, blah, blah blah. Just shove it. This has happened before and it'll happen again, they cannot stop it and they don't want to stop it. Their main interest is to keep you unarmed and defenseless. Like sheep.

Fortunately for them most in the public think the same way and may only wake up to the stupidity of gun control when one of these drive-bys ends up actually killing 10 or 20 people. If one of you happens to get caught up in this journey of learning from our own stupidity, tough shit, suck eggs, no one really cares. Not only will the state and the gun-fearing nannies fail you, but the justice system will also fail you.

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