Public Security - Clown style

LiveNews - Security at Sydney Airport isn't a problem according to the NSW Premier, despite yesterday's brutal murder involving warring bikie gangs. Travellers and families watched on in horror as a man was bludgeoned to death by up to twenty men yesterday.

...... Mr Rees has labelled the attack “appalling and sickening” – but he stopped short of criticising airport security for the length of time it took to respond. “Yesterday is clearly an isolated example,” he said. Commissioner Scipione has also insisted the response was prompt, despite claims it took up to 10 minutes to break up the attack – with more than a dozen people escaping in taxis.

LiveNews - Federal Police have flatly denied security at Sydney Airport isn't up to scratch, insisting they responded to the bikie brawl within minutes. The Police Federation of Australia claims security at the airport is managed by too many agencies and there aren't enough officers. But AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty has told 2GB’s Ray Hadley he's satisfied the response to the highly orchestrated incident was speedy and effective. “Quite clearly we can’t be all things to all people,” he said.
In all honesty, you can give the top job of Premier of this state to a baboon and be better off. Better off in the sense that the baboon won't do anything, just like the clown running this state, but at least you can pay the baboon with just grass and fruits. With the other fellow, you not only get stupidity and incompetence, you also have to pay actual money to the clown, even after he's left the job.

All morning, I've been hearing waffling from the premier and various authorities about how this is unacceptable, how they're going to crack down, new laws are coming and they will put an end to it all. The worst bit out of this eye-opening saga is that all these clowns in authority actually maintain that the response to this was adequate and nothing could have been done any better!

So this is what 'adequate' security is like in our airports, 20 blokes can walk into our airport and start bashing the tripe out of anyone, they can literally pound you into ground and then jump into taxis and escape. What is supposedly an adequate response is not to prevent the murdering in broad daylight, but to catch some of the fellows later on after they've all left the scene of the crime. I even heard the police commissioner even waffling about how this happened in the non-secure section of the airport, like that's supposed to make it alright!

Oh wow, what an effing relief, you can all go back to sleep now sheeple, nothing to see, nothing to worry about, it's all good folks, there is no problem. Just avoid the non-secure part of the airport folks. If some jihadist walks in with a bomb strapped to his ass, tough shit suckers, you're in the non-secure part of the airport. Suck those nails and glass pieces up and choke em' down sheeple. You should have thought of that before you decided to loaf around in the non-secure part of the airport, morons.

Given that the clowns masquerading as the leadership of this state and federal police have admitted that nothing could be done a bit better, that logically translates to the fact that you're pretty much on your own. If the airport has a non-secure section where no one is safe at any time, what about the rest of the damn state. It's pretty much, fend for yourselves, cos the cops are only around to come draw the chalk outline around your barely-recognizable corpse and take a statement from the survivors.

Is this not a tacit admission that these clowns cannot protect us and they will not step down and let someone else take the job who can? Does this not mean that we should carry a weapon to protect ourselves? There have been drive-by shootings all over the bloody place, I heard people who live in one of these streets saying the gangs even had machine guns. All banned with piles and piles of legislation. Yet, as sure as the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, the state cannot protect us and they cannot rid our society of weapons. But don't you worry, they'll make sure you can't legally carry anything to do what they are incapable of.

What makes you think evil scumbags can't walk into the airport and start firing away willy-nilly. Nothing an no one stopped them from beating a fellow to death and walking out, who and what will stop them from mass-murder, the bullet-fairy! The best the head-clown can come up with is "Quite clearly we can’t be all things to all people." Doesn't that just make you feel all safe and secure!

These clowns have failed. Let those of us not living in some stupid, leftist fantasy carry guns to protect ourselves and get out of the way.

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