The farm is on the line

Daily Mail - A Christian minister who has had heated arguments with Muslims on his TV Gospel show has been brutally attacked by three men who ripped off his cross and warned: ‘If you go back to the studio, we’ll break your legs.’

Daily Express - A MUSLIM hate preacher who demanded that all British women be forced to wear burkhas faced a storm of outrage last night. Firebrand Anjem Choudary said he wanted every woman to be covered by a full-length cloak in his vision of Britain under Sharia law. The lawyer, who praised the Mumbai terror attacks, also said he wanted to see the “flag of Allah” flying over Downing Street, adulterers stoned to death and drunks whipped.

Daily Mail - An Islamic extremist who abused British soldiers during a homecoming parade has sparked further outrage after he was given 24-hour police protection. Yousaf Bashir was part of a gang that hurled abuse at 200 members of the Royal Anglian Regiment as they marched through Luton last Tuesday after a second tour of duty in Iraq. The moves comes after the semi-detached home Bashir shares with his parents was attacked on Friday.

Daily Times - A new video, in which two German Islamists call for suicide attacks in their country, has surfaced on the Internet, the government said on Thursday. The message shows two men clad in combat gear, identified as the brothers Mounir and Yassim C — aged 27 and 24 — from the western city of Bonn but of Moroccan origin, a government spokesman told AFP.P. According to the spokesman, the pair call for suicide attacks on German soil, adding, “Opt for life after death ... there is no peace,” confirming earlier reports in mass circulation daily Bild.

MSNBC - Signs are mounting that the conflict in Gaza is starting to spill over into violence in Europe's towns and cities, with assaults against Jews and arson attacks on Jewish congregations in France, Sweden and Britain. - POLICE have arrested seven people after what they termed a "serious" threat of an attack on Amsterdam that caused the evacuation and closure of shops and the cancellation of a rock concert. ...... During the course of the day, investigators arrested six men and a woman between the ages of 19 and 64, all with dual Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, said spokeswoman Hanane Lechkar.

Times Online - The book is called The Imam’s Daughter because “Hannah Shah” is just that: the daughter of an imam in one of the tight-knit Deobandi Muslim Pakistani communities in the north of England. Her father emigrated to this country from rural Pakistan some time in the 1960s and is, apparently, a highly respected local figure.

He is also an incestuous child abuser, repeatedly raping his daughter from the age of five until she was 15, ostensibly as part of her punishment for being “disobedient”. At the age of 16 she fled her family to avoid the forced marriage they had planned for her in Pakistan. A much, much greater affront to “honour” in her family’s eyes, however, was the fact that she then became a Christian – an apostate. The Koran is explicit that apostasy is punishable by death; thus it was that her father the imam led a 40-strong gang – in the middle of a British city – to find and kill her.

Digital Journal - Dutch politicians are facing an unprecedented number of death threats. The police corps in The Hague region received 428 serious death threats against politicians last year. And 285 directly targetted anti-jihadist Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders'. This is a dramatic increase from the year before, when 264 punishable death-threats were recorded against all Dutch politicians.

Left wing Dutch politicians are constantly complaining in parliament about the rising cost of protecting Wilders from these very real jihadist death threats: the budget for the 2006 protection of Wilders handled 145 protection orders in 2006 - in 2005 there were 110. The service's entire budget for 2007 - which includes the assignment to protect Wilders 24/7 -- was 34 million Euros.

AFP - Four South Korean tourists were killed and four wounded by an explosion in the historic city of Shibam in southeast Yemen, a Yemeni security official and Seoul's foreign ministry said. ...... In January 2008 two Belgian tourists were shot dead along with their local guide and driver in Hadramawt. Two months later the US embassy was the target of mortar fire that missed and hit a school, killing two people. A car bomb attack in Marib, also east of Sanaa, in July 2007 killed eight Spanish holidaymakers and two Yemeni drivers.

Times Online - The Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in just four years, according to official research collated for The Times. The population multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of society, the research by the Office for National Statistics reveals. In the same period the number of Christians in the country fell by more than 2 million. Experts said that the increase was attributable to immigration, a higher birthrate and conversions to Islam during the period of 2004-2008, when the data was gathered.

The Weekly Standard - On January 27th, it had been almost a month since the Israeli military operation Cast Lead was launched in Gaza. A couple of hundred people, mostly Jews, had gathered in Sweden's third largest city, Malmö, to show their support for Israel. Their slogans--"Israel's right to self defense" and "Compassion with all civilian victims"--were met with shouts of "Sieg Heil" and "Damn Jews" by a group of mainly Arab and left-wing counter protesters. Stones, eggs, and bottles were thrown, and when a home-made bomb was fired at the Jewish group police finally decided to evacuate. The pro-Israeli protesters fled, while children ran after them with cell phones to report back into the crowd where the Jews were heading.

...... Last Saturday, roughly a month after the mob met Jews off Malmö's main square, the city was again shaken by riots. Seven thousand activists gathered to stop a Davis Cup match between Sweden and Israel, and the demonstration march was also a manifestation of the ideological confusion that has become the trademark of the Swedish pro-Palestinian movement. Hamas flags and headbands could be spotted next to banners supporting communist groups and feminist causes.

...... The popular mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, who is often referred to by the nickname "Malmö's strong man," is one of the most influential figures of the Social Democratic Party. ...... Sweden hasn't subjected a country to a sports boycott since South Africa was barred from playing in the country during Apartheid. But Malmö's "strong man" has changing demography to consider. Of Malmö's 287,000 inhabitants, 50,000 are Muslim and 30,000 are of Arab origin. In 2004, the most common name for baby boys in the city was Mohammed. These population changes, of course, have far-reaching political implications.


MK - There are two things about the above that worry me. The first is that there are many out there in the western world who would scream and rant at me for posting these. Some would insist that it's all good over in Europe, that there is no problem, that I'm just making all this up. Some would label me a racist and Islamophobe and such. I believe most of these people are largely over on the left, notice in the news stories how the left in Europe seem to be hooking up with the Islamists against Jews and also against those who dare to speak against Islamic extremism. Many of them are running nations in the western world, some are even masquerading as Conservatives when it suits them. Think that the only danger to western civilization is from Islamic jihadists wanting to blow you to pieces and make all of you wear burkas? Think again folks.

The second thing that worries me is the last two stories, the growth of the Muslim population in Britain and parts of Europe. All those babies called Mohammed will one day grow up. Put that to one side for now.

You know the piece about the South Koreans who were blown to pieces in Yemen, ask those in the western world, who insist that Muslim terrorists are just misinterpreting their religion, how many radicalized Muslims there are in Yemen screaming Jihad and death-to-infidels all week. I'm sure these politically correct folks will insist that there aren't that many Islamic extremists in Yemen. If that's true, notice how many bombings there are, good heavens, who needs extremists with moderates like these!

Coming back to the demographics again and all those additional Muslims who are growing up in Britain and Europe. If there aren't that many radicals in Yemen, why can't just a few of these newly-born cause the same amount of trouble in 10 years time in your nations. If there a lot of radicals in Yemen, what's stopping a similar radicalization of these newly born? They are growing up watching radicals pissing all over your western heritage and symbols and never getting punished for it. Need I remind you what Osama bin Laden said about the strong horse and the weak horse?

What are you going to do if they vote for sharia when they grow up, they are becoming a political force in parts of Europe NOW and don't need to burn a damn thing or beat anyone up to take the reins of power, they can just vote. Talk about change you will suck up, choke down and live with. Now some might say, we have a constitution and fancy pieces of paper that guarantee this and that. I don't know about all that and I'm a simpleton, and from what I've seen, fancy pieces of paper can say this and that, but ultimately if there is no one there with a gun willing to enforce it, it is worthless.

They are growing 10 times faster than you, eventually there will be more of them than there will be of you, so even if enough of you muster the will to defend your nations, you are still outnumbered.

Now, having said all this, I may be completely wrong, in fact I hope I am. All those muslim babies born now can end up as Muslims who have no ill-will towards us, they can be good citizens who don't want sharia, who love western culture, our freedoms and liberties and who respect us. I don't want the Hannah Shah's of this world to wake up one day and find that Britain is no longer the safe haven she thinks it is now, that it has become more like Yemen.

In summary, there are two paths for the next generation of Muslims growing up in the western world, they either become radicalized or they don't. For those of you in the western world at this point, there is still a question, for some of you, there is no question anymore. Some of you HAVE bet everything, your future, your nation, your culture, your very lives, the farm if you will, that they won't be radicalized.

For a small number of us, I believe we still have the option to ask the question, are you prepared to risk it all, will you bet the farm, knowing what you know, seeing what is happening all over the word, that it'll all be alright 10-15 years from now?

Hat tip - The Lambeth Walk, Dinah Lord, Jihad Watch.

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