They are scum, so treat them like scum

Over in London, preparations are already underway to bend this way, slither that way and weasel the other way in the face of violent scumbags. They did the same thing here in Australia a while ago and look where that got us. And you think we've learned from it? This is 2009 people, the age of progressivism or some crap, so don't be silly.
Daily Mail - City workers are being urged to stay at home or to dress down during next week's G20 summit to avoid being targeted by anti-capitalist protesters. Unprecedented measures are being put in place to prepare for thousands of demonstrators targeting the City and Canary Wharf. About 3,000 anti-capitalist protesters are expected, with groups next Wednesday marching to the Bank of England, holding 'flashcamps' outside the European Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate, and marching on the US Embassy.
Why are these vermin marching on the US Embassy? Kinda proves the point when many of us label these leftwing groups are mere, anarchist, America-hating, oxygen-thieving western Communist scum. After all, isn't the hated Bush out of the White House, isn't their precious halfrican-American messiah running the show? So what's with the protesting outside the US Embassy. Any scheduled outside the Iranian embassy, the Chinese embassy, the Russian embassy, the Burmese consulate? Yeah didn't think so.
Demonstrators have vowed to hang effigies of bankers from lampposts along the protest route. City workers have been warned not to wear suits, but to 'dress down' in chinos and loafers because they would be obvious targets. Banks have been warned to take extra security precautions to protect their staff after vandals attacked former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin's Edinburgh home.
Why are certain sections of the community asked to dress in a different way, don't walk down that street, stay indoors, lock your doors etc Are some sections of the community allowed to behave violently and break the law because they feel like it? If the authorities fear that these vermin might do something, and based on previous experience that is the case, why allow them to march in the first place? Are these bank employees allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves when the authorities themselves admit that they cannot protect them, nope. Seems to me, if you're some sort of leftwing scumbag, it's pretty much open slather, you do as you please, break, burn and fight until you're all tired out and are ready to go home.

Utterly shameful, our politicians and authorities. Coming back down under to Australia, you might think this won't happen, but you think again folks. This is why people like me have to constantly bang on and on about it, cos the second you take your eye off the, the criminal-coddlers are at it, cooing and making nice-nice with the scum of the earth that they find so fascinating. - A COMPANY expected to bid for contracts to operate two jails has backed facilities in which inmates have keys to their cells and are on a first-name basis with their jailers. Gary Sturgess, research director of the UK-based Serco Group, will tell a New South Wales [Australia] parliamentary inquiry today that decency, not efficiency, is the main reason to privatise jails.

He says overseas experience shows that prisoners enjoy more privileges - including being given the keys to their own cells - in correctional systems where private and public providers compete, The Australian reports. Prisoners in these systems spend more time out of their cells and have far greater interaction with their jailers - with whom they are frequently on first-name terms - than in systems where public providers face no competition, Mr Sturgess says. The results are safer jails and lower rates of reoffending.
Well, isn't that just dandy, the easy life for criminal scum masquerading as safer and all that. I have an even better method of having really safe jails and an almost zero rate of reoffending, why don't we just leave the prison doors wide open, the gates too, in fact why bother sending criminals to jail, just let them back out into society. Just have a few prison guards sitting around watching TV and I'm sure the jails will become the safest places and the reoffending rates will also plummet. Don't know about the rest of society though, but then again, when did these criminal-coddlers start giving a rat's ass about the law-abiding? Maybe when it's their women and children who have to 'entertain' these vermin.

If we really wanted to make jails safe and lower the reoffending rates, we'd call Sherrif Joe from Arizona Contry to put these scumbags into chain gangs. But society out there by and large has gone soft. Yes, there's a bit of outrage when a pedophile gets a year or two for raping a child, but ultimately, we the public are not prepared to make these things election issues. When the time comes to vote, we give our vote back to the same useless criminal-coddling parasites that let them off in the first place.

If we're asked whether criminals should be in chain-gangs and not in their cells watching TV and slacking off with warm meals and all that, we'd all be huffing and puffing. But ultimately most of us feel that taking a convicted child-rapist out the back and shooting him in the head is too much, putting him to work moving boulders around is too much of an infringement on his human-rights and all that crap.

The way I see it, not enough of us are outraged enough and not enough of us give a damn to make lawlessness an election issue.

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