Sarah Palin - The witch-hunt continues

NRO Weekend - Since Alaska governor Sarah Palin was named John McCain's running mate, her foes and various Alaskan liberals have begun a new exercise, attempting to bankrupt the Palin family through legal fees, by filing endless ethics complaints against her. In her term, ten ethics complaints and 150 FOIA requests have been filed. (One of the complaints, about improperly firing her state public-safety commissioner, predates her national prominence.)

While holding elected officials accountable is laudable, most of the matters are beyond trivial. One of the complaints against her was for talking to reporters about the presidential campaign while she was in the governor's office. Another objected to her office press secretary offering a statement to clarify a statement put out by her political action committee. The latest complaint is that Palin wore snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd's sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc, while "in her official duties as governor" when she served as the "official starter" of the race.

Palin owes $500,000 in legal fees, almost four times her annual salary. She says she may be forced to create a legal defense fund. Hat tip Right Truth
An absolute disgrace, she and McCain lost the election, it's over morons, but do they leave her be to get on with her life? No, no, oh no, they're not happy, the leftist scum who waffle on about womens rights, diversity, tolerance etc are not done, no way, they want to bury her, they can't stand that someone they, the ivory-tower intellectual scum did not approve off, dared to put her head up. The message is crystal-clear America, the choice is not yours, you won't be presented with the full picture and be allowed to make your choice. No, these self-appointed assholes want to decide who gets to run, who gets to say what, where and when. They are lording over you, uninvited and smug as ever. It's up to you to smack em' back into their place.

Spread the word folks, you have to let people know yourselves, cos you know the MSM won't do it, that lot also think themselves superior to you lot, those supposedly impartial scumbags would be happy to bury her, so you never ever get the choice of giving her your vote. Maybe Sarah Palin ought to start a defense fund and folks who support her can contribute to keeping the leftist vermin at bay. Maybe they can also go after these vermin and make them pay. I mean, where is the justice here, can any group just sue someone into submission, is that the kind of world we want to live in. Cos I can tell you now, if they get away with this, they won't stop at Sarah Palin, these fascist scum will do the same to you if you raise your head. They'll sue, bully and hector you into submission, all the while telling everyone how tolerant and wonderful they are. I noticed at Conservatives 4 Palin, they have a financial support section, unfortunately it's only for U.S. citizens, dang!

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