Another western idiot learns the hard way

TimesNow - After the United Nations diplomat John Solecki, who had forcefully converted to Islam under the doctrine of the Taliban militants, a Canadian journalist - Beverly Giesbrecht, became the latest Taliban target, with the deadline of March 30 being announced by the militants for her release. Even as the 48-hour deadline for kidnapped United Nations official John Solecki ends, the Taliban has released another hostage video, this time of a Canadian journalist, threatning to behead her by March 30.

As Beverly desperately calls out for help, she says, "The timeline is very short and my life is going to end. So I need someone to help me. My country or someone else have to make a move now, as my life is going to be over very shortly." The irony is Beverly - now Khadija Adbul Qahaar - publisher of a pro-Islamic website 'Jihad Unspun', was in Pakistan to understand the concept of 'Jihad', when the Taliban kidnapped her in North Wazirstan. Hat tip Dinah Lord.
Perhaps this is the result of the constant, Islam=peace, nothing-to-see rhetoric pushed by the left in the western world. For years now they have supported the extremists in Islam, labeled anyone trying to talk some sense into them as racists and xenophobes. Most of the media today will not even call terrorists who are muslims just that, muslim terrorists. They pretend that all religions are the same and in the case of Christianity, it is far worse than Islam. When Islamic savages are blowing up men, women and children all over the world they blame the West.

When Israel defends itself from these savages, enough in the western world, call it genocide and work side-by-side with Islamic thugs to overthrow Israel. Leftist filth push the lie that America, Israel, Christians and Jews are the bigger threat in this world.

So is it any wonder there are some fools in the western world who actually believe this and are now paying the price for ignorance and stupidity. I hope she doesn't pay the ultimate price. One things for sure though, few on the left will learn from this and change their tune and no one will hold these bastards to account.

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