Gun control working splendidly in Chicago

Encyclopedia of Chicago - Since the early 1970s, Chicago and its suburban municipalities have taken a national lead in enacting firearms control legislation. Citizens' groups such as the Committee for Handgun Control, formed in 1973 and renamed Illinois Citizens for Handgun Control in 1982, have worked together with city politicians and police to pass some of the nation's toughest gun control laws. Mayor Richard J. Daley was outspoken in his stand against gun rights activists, testifying before U.S. House subcommittees on gun violence in 1972 and creating a special court to process gun crimes. In response to rising gun violence by the end of the 1970s, several Chicago aldermen began exploring the idea of a freeze on handgun registration.

J. H. Huebert, July 2002 - ...... Unfortunately, some of Chicago’s leaders apparently still suffer from gun-phobia. That’s why they’re so upset that John Birch, the head of Concealed Carry, Inc., in Oak Brook, is defying the city’s 20-year ban on handguns by awarding one handgun each month to a Chicago resident who demonstrates that he or she has a clean background, is trained in firearm use, and needs it for personal protection. ......

SKY News, April 2008 - Chicago has been hit by a gun crime surge which saw nine people killed in 36 separate shooting incidents last weekend. Parents in the Windy City are said to be keeping their children home from school to avoid stray bullets. Twenty-four of the city's public school children have been killed since the academic year began last August - 21 of them in shootings. ...... Apart from the gang-related incidents, drive-by attacks were reported as was a case in which someone used an AK-47 to shoot at a plumbing supply store.

Chicago Tribune, March 2009 - The social costs of gun violence in Chicago total about $2.5 billion each year, according to a report released Tuesday by an academic group formed to research effective ways to reduce violent crime.

WCBSTV, March 2009 - Twenty-five Chicago Public School students have been murdered this year. As shocking as that number is, there is another figure that's very disturbing as well: the number of students who have been shot in a 16-month period is enough to fill an elementary school - 508 students, according to school officials. Hat tip Road Sassy.


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