Kevin 07 screws up - Australian taxpayer pays

The Australian - THE Rudd Government will be forced to hand back $300 million to distillers after the Senate voted down the 70 per cent tax increase on alcopops last night in the culmination of another chaotic performance from the Opposition. ...... The Government introduced the tax hike by regulation in April last year with 12 months to win approval from the parliament before having to refund the revenue raised. With the defeat of the Bill last night, the tax will have to be refunded.

...... Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said last night that although the distillers had suggested the $300million in collected taxes be spent on alcohol rehabilitation programs, legally the Government did not have an option. "The legal position is clear," Ms Gillard said on ABC's Lateline. "Our obligation is to return the tax dollars to the distillers."
So what's actually happened is that the Rudd government introduced a tax on the manufacturers to curb binge drinking, naturally the manufacturers of these drinks passed the tax onto the consumer who paid it. Now that the government raised all the extra money, they couldn't get the legislation through again and now they have to return the money to the manufacturers who then cannot return the money to those who paid it in the first place.

So in summary folks, if the morons in charge of this country had done nothing last April, if they had just sat on their bums and scratched their noses or something, those who bought these drinks would have been better off, to the tune of $300 million dollars. Now there is talk of 50 million being put into fighting alcohol abuse, running irritating ads on TV telling us all about the dangers of boozing, warning labels and all sorts of expensive crap like that.

In case you were wondering, no, that 50 million is not coming from the various politicians savings accounts or from them holding fund-raisers or something. It's you who are going to pay for it. To make it a bit clearer for you, they are taking money from all of you, so that they can tell some of you stop boozing up so much. Oh and they'll also take money from all of you to pay for the healthcare of those that boozed up too much and refuse to listen to their various campaigns that keep sucking at your wallets.

The moral of the story Australia? The next time you, and too many of you do this, feel like shouting - 'the government must do something!', please, just don't. They are already doing more than enough squandering of our money, like giving it away to criminals, dogs, cats, dead people and those who don't even live in Australia.

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