News as seen from the wild side

I believe it's good every now and then to read what folks on the other side of the world, even the wild side of the world are saying. So here we go, news as seen from the 'wild' side, or should I say the savage side.
Pakistan Daily - A report issued today by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) warned that the Israeli government believes that it still retains the ability to destroy Iran’s nuclear program with a unilateral attack, and as the international community’s diplomatic path remains unsuccessful in stopping a weapons program or indeed proving that one exists, Israel is “seriously considering” attacking Iran.
I didn't know the diplomatic effort was about proving that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. I'm no diplomat, so how the hell does that actually work, do they call a meeting or conference of some sort and tell Iran, we've heard you screaming numerous times that you want to wipe out the Jews and finish the holocaust and all that. We also hear that you're going nuclear only to make electricity or some such, but we're just not sure that you really want to do that and that you will really try to make a weapon to actually do what you keep screaming that you want to do.
The prospect of an attack is primarily in the near term, because the attack on Iran’s illusory secret nuclear weapons program would be seriously complicated by the prospect of the Iranian government acquiring an S-300 air defense system from Russia. Russia has repeatedly insisted that it doesn’t intend to give Iran the system, but the IAEA insists Iran doesn’t have the ability to make nuclear weapons either. The Israeli government is less interested in the reality of the situation than with what has been repeated over and over domestically: that Iran is an “existential” threat to Israel and has to be stopped with military force.
Well, wouldn't you be, I mean if some nearby tyranny was continually promising to wipe out Pakistan over and over domestically and internationally and was working its way towards actually achieving this, wouldn't you "seriously consider" taking them out before they take you out. I realize the IAEA and the TYXU and the WEAK organizations might not believe the mad-men and their continual threats, but it's not their ass on the line now is it.

Yeah, you keep going with your plans Israel. If that nuclear missile were ever to get into the air, no amount of diplomatic wiffle-waffle, posturing, hand-wringing and all that can stop it. It really is your ass on the line and you best make like you're on your own cos I hate to say it, you probably are.

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