Here be Dragons II

I realise I'm tresspassing on the territory of our esteemed JR somewhat, but as promised, here is a run down on what has been called Evan Sayet's Grand Unified Theory of Modern Liberalism (Liberalism in the American sense - in other words what we would call a hard core leftist).

Sayet calls himself a 9/13 Republican. It wasn't so much the attack on the WTC itself as the reaction to the attack by his leftist friends and fellow Democrats that caused him to re-think his assumptions. He finally realised: They (Americans of the modern left) really do hate America. Why is that?

Looking at a whole raft of issues he saw that the Modern Left seemed always to support "Evil, failed and wrong". Evil people. Failed policies. Wrong ideas. Examples are legion.

And yet, judging from his leftist friends (and relatives), he can see that they themselves are neither evil nor stupid. So what's the deal? Why do good and smart people support "evil and stupid"? Here's why...

We look over history and see that cultures have established their own religions, philosophies, and practices, and each culture in turn has believed their own religion, philosophies and practices to be true and right. The 'Others' are barbarians. The Modern Left targets this 'bigotry of belief' as the root cause of conflict with other cultures of different religions, beliefs and practises. These conflicts become the wars and injustices that have always been evident in history, up to and including the present. It is therefore the attempt by people to be right, to find 'the one true way', which is the cause of conflict with others, and hence it is this attempt to be right which is the cause of humanity's problems.

The solution presents itself: Stop attempting to be right; stop striving after the one true way; recognize that all supposed knowledge of good and evil is little more than bigotry imposed by variable cultural factors. Instead, imagine that no one believed they were right and others wrong; that no one believed that they alone held the truth and that others were mistaken. There would be no need for conflict. There would be no need for war. No need for injustice. In short, imagine nothing to fight and die for, and no religion, too. It's easy if you try.

All that is required is that we eschew the singular evil that is 'discrimination'.

Given that we cannot/must not discriminate – categorizing some (people, cultures, behaviours) as evil or wrong, and others as good or right – how do we then explain the success of some people/cultures/behaviours and the failure of others?

Given the premise of non-discrimination – there is no 'right' and no 'wrong' – there can only be one explanation: Somehow, the successful ones cheated. Maybe the successful ones stole from the unsuccessful ones; for example, they stole their oil, or their land? The big successful countries became big and successful by stealing from the poor and the unsuccessful. It is the only explanation consistent with the basic premise of non-discrimination.

So, the unsuccessful cultures are the victims of the successful cultures. Therefore, any evil done by these unsuccessful cultures is proof, not that they are evil, but that they are victimized. And the greater the evil they do, the greater must be their victimization. How victimized must the people in the Gaza strip be, that they celebrate in the streets - handing out sweets and dancing on cars - over the deliberate mass murder of Israeli school children?

Thus is maintained the following world view: (1) We are virtuous because we don't discriminate, and because we side with the victims of discrimination, and (2) conservatives/Republicans/etc are evil because they engage in the only true evil (discrimination) and side with the victimizers.

To help promote this world view it is useful to muddy the distinction between the successful and the unsuccessful; to lift up and promote the unsuccessful, and to tear down and degrade the successful. We need to show that the results of discriminating thought, of the striving to be right, though they may appear to be good and successful (America) are actually failed and bad (Ameri-kkk-a). We need to show that unsuccessful groups are not unsuccessful because they adopt inappropriate behaviours (there are no "innapropriate" behaviours), but because they are the victims of discrimination. The schools, the movies, the courts, the media are used to push this line at every opportunity: (1) discriminating thought used to strive after the right and true fails, and (2) the refusal to discriminate, the refusal to judge some good and others bad, succeeds. Lift up the evil, failed and wrong and tear down the good, successful and right until it is all a wash; until there is no 'good' and no 'bad'; until there is nothing to discriminate between.

This is the core belief (non-discrimination) and the ultimate motivation (prove it works) behind all policy that can be characterised as Modern Left (note: not all (or even most) policy by those on the left, and not that of "old time" leftists). And it is why Modern Left policy is always wrong. Not usually wrong but sometimes right, like a stopped clock. Always wrong. It is designed to be wrong. It is designed to promote the wrong and to degrade the right; to prove to you that discrimination is the ultimate evil and that non-discrimination is the solution.

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