Sounds like an outright dislike of Jews to me

Haaretz [Jan 2009] - South Africa's Jewish community on Wednesday lodged a complaint of hate speech against the country's deputy foreign minister, who earlier this month said that "Jewish money controls America and most Western countries." ...... In the complaint, the Board quotes what Hajaig said at a pro-Palestinian rally in Lenasia on January 14. "They in fact control [America], no matter which government comes in to power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush," Hajaig was heard saying.

She also said: "The control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything else." ...... The Israeli Foreign Ministry also recently complained to the South African government about Hajaig, after she used harsh and "undiplomatic" language in speaking with Israel?s ambassador to South Africa, Dov Segev-Steinberg, during the Gaza operation. According to various sources, Hajaig accused the ambassador of bringing a diplomat of Ethiopian descent to the embassy "only because he was black," presumably in order to counter the often-heard accusation in South Africa alleging that Israel is an apartheid state.

Mail & Guardian [Jan 2009] - The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) wants the South African government to cease all relations with Israel and close down the Israeli embassy in Pretoria. The moves are among several agreed to at a meeting on Wednesday concerning developments in the Middle East, Cosatu said in a statement on Friday. "Many South African parastatals and companies have serious business deals with Israeli companies and workers must reject them, with Telkom being an example," Cosatu international relations officer Bongani Masuku said in the statement.
...... "We should call for the expulsion of Israeli security agencies and Mossad at our airports," Masuku continued. ...... The relationship between South Africa's national carrier South African Airways and its Israeli counterpart El-Al should also be terminated, he said. Wednesday's meeting was attended by Cosatu's alliance partners, the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party, union affiliates, international solidarity organisations, NGOs, social movements and academic activists.

......"It further noted the need for maximum impact through deeper synergies around a clear and concrete programme of action to raise the plight of the Palestinian people and intensify pressure against the occupying power, Israel, to withdraw from the whole of Palestine in the interests of freedom and democracy for the Palestinian people, and broader peace and justice in the whole Middle East region.
Oh so the underlying motive apparently is the freedom of the Palis, because of, you know the genocide that Israel is waging against them. It's never occurred to these morons that if it really was a genocide, how come there are still so many Palis around. After all, these fellows are happy to believe that the world is run by Jews and you need to check in your closets and under your beds for some lurking Jews, implying that Jews are far more intelligent than they'd like to admit. Yet at the same time these Jews are doing such a piss-poor job of finishing off the Palis. A bit like those muslims who insist that 9/11 was a CIA/Mossad conspiracy and a great victory for Muslims at the same time. Does not compute.

Coming back to SA and the human rights of the poor, oppressed Palis and the occupiers. I remember when I was there a while ago, I noticed the heavy anti-Israel bias in the media, basically it's pretty much Israel=bad, Palestine=good and that's it. And I thought the MSM here in Australia were biased, the ones here look positively pro-Israel compared to those ones. Anyway since they're all pro-oppressed and anti-occupier and all that, let's see if the South Africans can bring themselves to support another group of people who really are oppressed, who really are being pushed and shoved into history, victims of a real cultural genocide if you will.
FOX News - South Africa barred the Dalai Lama from a peace conference in Johannesburg this week, saying Monday it did not want to endanger the government's relationship with China. The move prompted sharp criticism from the Nobel Committee, among others. Thabo Masebe, spokesman for President Kgalema Motlanthe, said now was not the time for such a high-profile visit from the Tibetan spiritual leader and added that South Africa hoped to avoid being "the source of negative publicity about China."

...... Masebe told the AP the decision was made last month and communicated to the South African organizers of the conference, who planned for Nobel laureates, Hollywood celebrities and others to discuss issues ranging from anti-racism to sport as a way to bring peoples and nations together. ...... Masebe said the Dalai Lama has been welcomed twice previously in South Africa, and would be welcome again in the future — but "not now, when the whole world is looking at South Africa." "We do value our relationship with China," Masebe said Monday. South Africa is China's largest trading partner on the continent.
So much for the oppressed and the occupiers ey. No meetings condemning China, no calls to cut ties, close embassies or any fancy conspiracy theories about puppet-masters and all that and Israel is also a trading partner, though not as big as China. So I'm not buying the trading partner angle, neither am I buying the human rights, freedom for the oppressed bullsh!t either. Tibetans are really being oppressed and crushed, China is a real occupier and they don't really give a damn. So I think it's just a bit of old Jew-hatred on display.

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