Political Perfidy

Here we have yet another stellar example of the disdain and disrespect - hell, the outright hatred - that the jackasses running D.C. hold against those who serve in the America's Armed Services.

I first ran across this buddy-fraggin' treachery over at Major Pain's site - One Marine's View, and it was no trick to find more on it.
It's factual, and it's a kick in the nuts for every member of our Armed Forces, past, present, and future.

The dem-controlled Congress is more than happy to rob our kids and grandkids - and mortgage America's ass to the
Communist Chinese (who undercut our products with the simple expedient of slave labor provided by their prisons) - in order to spend gajillions of dollars changing the U.S. into some liberalite wet dream of socialism (like rationed health care). However, they've exhibited their standard-issue penny-pinching when it comes to money for the very men and women who allow them to perpetrate their political (and not-so-political) crimes in safety.

They only want to fund defense spending if it benefits THEIR district.


...which leads me to the next point:

Another article on OMV concerned the SecDef preparing to make his recommendations on which future (and present) weapons systems he figures we need to keep or cut (and yes, we ARE still at war), but I'm holding fire on that one for now. Fact is, with the war on terror, there is less of an emphasis on certain aspects of the military, and increased emphasis in others - pilotless drones vs. "boomer" nuclear subs is one example that comes to mind.
...but I am NOT optimistic about what will eventually emerge from the sleazy back rooms of Congress.

Wanting more intel, I do a quick trip to Drudge for more on that, and what do I find?
Old Kommitet Gosudarstvenoi Besopasnosti (Committee for State Security - KGB) Vladimir Putin SMIRKING into a camera, and an article where he's proposing a "World Currency".
...uh, not to be TOO jingoistic, but - until now - wasn't the U.S. dollar pretty much the world standard for trade?
Just askin'....

Also, make no mistake: Medvedev is a PUPPET, and it's Ol' Vlad who's REALLY runnin' the USSR...oops, it's supposed to be the "Russian Republic" now, ain't it?
...so hard to tell for an old Cold Warrior like me......
Of course, he's in bed with Mom-mooed AhmaWhackjob in Tehran, supplying all those nifty glow-in-the-dark toys for the Mad Mullahs to make mushroom clouds over Tel Aviv....
...oops again, not supposed to say that, are we?
Of course, the consummate diplomat President Obumpersticker bargained away the anti-missile systems (which the Poles and Czechs put their asses on the line to let us base them on their soil), by telling Ol' Vlad he'd stop the deployment if the Russian Czar - oopsie, "Prime Minister" - could convince the Iranians to play nice and not make 'splodie-thingies with all that nuclear stuff.

Vlad - consummate professional tyrant that HE truly is - naturally laughed at the naïve little twerp of a Sock Puppet and told him (very diplomatically, of course) to "kiss my borshcht".

Is ANYONE surprised at that?
...other than the koolaid drinkers in Obumpersticker's entourage, that is....

Of course, Cuba and Cuba 2.0 (chavez's Venezuela) are allowing Soviet - oops, Russian - bombers at their airfields, Iran launched a "satellite", and the DPRK's Kim Jong (mentally) Il announced that HE will do the same, Mexico is tearing its own guts out, and on and on....

...and, speaking of "guts"....
Senator Grassley is catchin' hell for suggesting some of AIG's executives should do the "honorable Japanese" tradition of abject apology, followed by resignation or ritual suicide.

I'm thinking that "honorable remedy" should be implemented by just over half of Congress and pretty much ALL of the current misAdministration.

I'll personally make the knives and donate them - at no cost to the taxpayers! - if EVERY liberalite jackass would use 'em to explore the wonderful conscience-clearing, biodegradable, Earth-friendly benefits of self-disembowelment.

Of course, I'm making the rash assumption that those creatures actually HAVE a conscience between the lot of 'em, but I bet C-Span would cover it, and we all know how them parasites LOVE face-time in front of the cameras.....

Perhaps President Obumpersticker could FINALLY demonstrate the tiniest speck of actual LEADERSHIP (it would be his first) and lead off the festivities......?

...nah, I don't think he would, either......unless it'd help his plummeting poll numbers....

{hat-tip to my friend Betty for the heads-up about Maj Pain's latest posts...I gotta go there more often....}

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