FOX News - Conservative evangelical and Catholic leaders who went out on a political limb by aligning themselves with the Obama administration are expressing feelings ranging from disappointment to optimism in their reaction to the president's decisions so far on culture war issues. Although most of President Obama's moves on abortion and stem cell research have been expected, some right-leaning Christian leaders who took a risk sitting down at the table with a Democratic president feel that several major decisions fall short of the common ground Obama had promised on divisive social issues.
You mean, you're surprised that he sort of, well lied. Are these people for real, that's what lefties do people, they tell lies, in some cases they don't even know the difference between truth and lies. How many times must they lie to you before you finally figure out that you just can't trust them!
......Obama "is not doing anything he hasn't said he was going to do during the campaign," said the Rev. Joel Hunter, an evangelical megachurch pastor from Orlando, Fla., and another advisory board member. "So I am not enthusiastic, but I'm not disappointed, because we knew what to expect. I'm encouraged he is not totally flipping to the other side. We've got to be patient here."
Not enthusiastic and not disappointed ey, well tell that to all the unborn babies who'll be knocked off thanks to the Obama you believed in. I'll go out on a limb and say that they won't be terribly enthusiastic about getting sliced up and disposed off. I can't say for sure, but I'd say it's sort of disappointing, being killed off.
......But Page credited the White House for listening. He said an administration official reassured him that Obama would never force a health care provider to perform abortions against his or her conscience -- easing Page's concerns about the so-called conscience clause. "So, on that hand, I think they are listening and trying to seek some common ground," Page said. "But basically it seems like the more left-wing Democratic agenda is being followed."
Any fool can listen, and leftists are experts at listening and pretending to give a damn. Any fool can listen and hold your hand and tell you, I understand your strong feelings, I respect your beliefs on abortion, I know what you mean, it's just terrible isn't it, I wish there was another way. Then walk away and take your tax dollars and use it to knock off the unborn anyway.
......Douglas Kmiec, a Pepperdine University law professor, Catholic opponent of abortion and former Reagan administration lawyer who became a lightning rod in the Catholic community for endorsing Obama, said he was encouraged by the administration's first seven weeks. ......"As far as the expectations I had for a president who is a pro-choice president and did not share my pro-life views, President Obama has been honest about what he intended to do and has done those things," Kmiec said. "He has been honest, we've been honest about our disagreements, and the conversation continues."
Meanwhile, the abortions will continue.

You can read the rest yourselves folks. They continue waffling on about dialogue and work and how we must just be patient and all that. Which is all well and good, I'm not critical of those who never endorsed Obama. What I don't get is, how do those who endorsed Obama knowing his position on these issues get off telling us that there is still hope and we just need to waffle around waiting for him to find this elusive common ground.

I get the feeling that abortion isn't that big an issue for them, like it's alright for a couple thousand to get knocked off or something. And it wasn't like during the election campaign the alternative to Obama far worse or something. So if they really believe abortion is wrong and they endorsed Obama anyway thinking it'll be alright, then it sounds a bit like the following definition.
moron: Pronunciation [mawr-on, mohr-]
1. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.
No? Am I being too harsh?

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