Are You Next?

The latest resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. has completely broken faith with this nation and everything it has stood for during the past 200+ years.
The Founders would be slapping the taste clean outta that punk's mouth for the way he pissed all over the Constitution with his unprecedented move of firing GM's CEO, Rick Wagoner.

Make no mistake, and don't fall for the spin that he "stepped down".
His ass was FIRED by St. barack the Clueless of the Church of Socialism.

I don't give a damn how bad a CEO Wagoner was, since WHEN does ANY President have the authorization UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION to do so? know, that trite old document that b. hussein obumpersticker SWORE TO DEFEND just a dozen weeks ago???
For that matter, since when does the Sacred Sock Puppet have the BUSINESS COMPETENCE to make that kind of decision?
...and how long until these royal decrees hit YOU AND ME?!?!?

That punk has decreed for himself the same sort of power wielded by Stalin, Hitler, Hussein...all the great socialists have had that axe to wield against those who displease them.

Thus, I'm granting b. hussein obumpersticker yet another nickname.
NOT "der F├╝hrer" - since that pathetic boob has yet to demonstrate ANY verifiable leadership traits - but something far more accurate:
"der Fehler".....the MISTAKE!

The only question remaining is:
How long will it take us to correct all the damage der Fehler is inflicting on the nation our kids and grandkids will inherit?

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