Hows that multi-culturalism working out Europe - POLICE have arrested seven people after what they termed a "serious" threat of an attack on Amsterdam that caused the evacuation and closure of shops and the cancellation of a rock concert. "Last night (Wednesday), around midnight, we received a telephone call warning that three men were planning to carry out an attack with explosives in Amsterdam," police commissioner Bernard Welten said.

......During the course of the day, investigators arrested six men and a woman between the ages of 19 and 64, all with dual Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, said spokeswoman Hanane Lechkar. One of those arrested was a relative of a suspect in the 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people and wounded more than 1800, she added. Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen said Wednesday's call had warned of "an action with the aim of claiming casualties in busy places.
When folks like Mark Steyn warned about the future demographics of muslims vs europeans, they scoffed at him. When people resist more immigration from Islamic countries, they are labeled as racists. Nothing to see sheeple, no problems, shut your racist pie-holes and move along morons. Just need to appease Islam and scream at America, it's all the fault of that cowboy and his hardpower nonsense. Give peace a chance, can't we all just get along, COEXIST and all that crap.

Stay out of Iraq, don't poke the jihadist with your stick, shaft people like Greet Wilders, hang them out to dry, shaft Israel and the Jews, etc. Don't mention the words 'muslim' or 'islam', nothing to do with Islam, it's the religion of peace, it's those crazy Catholics and angry Anglicans you have to keep your eye on. They might not let you fornicate in peace and knock off the consequences, the horror!

Good luck with all that Europe. Just remember, you have to get lucky every time Europe, they only have to get lucky every now and then to break you.

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