A correction to JR's Jury post below - Updated

In the interests of disclosure, as I have stated before, I do have friends and family in the police. However, none of them were involved in this incident, nor do I know or have I met any of the officers involved.

Update: I found some Youtube footage of the attack. Hopefully those of you having trouble viewing the link below can view this.

I think we can all agree that JR has done a wonderful job of exposing the Left as the hypocritical totalitarian scum they are so we can excuse occasional errors like the post below.

Sorry JR, but trying to portray this as a case of innocent self-defence is a rewriting of the facts of leftist magnitude along the lines of Hitler not being a socialist and the leftists not supporting or protecting Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. As commentator Phil said in your post, it is way out of line, and whatever grievance you have with the Queensland police is not applicable in this case.

This was nothing but human trash (almost undoubtedly leftists) brawling and fighting and causing trouble and assaulting police. You lose the right to claim self-defence right about the time you start brawling and assaulting the police who are called in to do their job and arrest those doing the brawling, ie yourself.

This family of chavs have been in trouble before for much the same thing. They are about as decent and innocent as leftists are honest and tolerant.

And I am not sure why JR is trying to draw an equivalence between the corruption and other cases he cites and Constable Matthew Butcher and the other officers called in to break up the brawl. Somehow I don't think corruption by senior and former officers makes it acceptable for lowlife sacks of shit like the McLeods to brawl in public and assault police from behind. In fact most people would tell you it certainly doesn't give free reign for criminal scum to assault police or others from anywhere, nor do I see how the linked articles have anything to do with Constable Butcher.

Nobody says officers guilty of corruption should be punished - indeed they should and severely - but how that gels with allowing low life filth to assault and cripple other officers who are not those corrupt officers, well JR will have to explain the nuance to us.

You can see video of the violent assault on Constable Butcher from behind here. I saw one officer take one swing with a baton at thigh level (the batons being designed to shock muscle rather than break bone) right at the start of the footage, that's it. Nobody else had their baton out and Butcher was being grabbed and wrestled when he reached for the taser. Not by any non-leftist logic could that be considered excessive force, or acting like a goon.

The lie that the jury obviously bought was that one of the fuckheads was concerned about his father's heart attack - and that is pure Grade A bullshit.

There is the the obvious question - if you are so concerned about your heart and previous heart attacks - why are you drinking down at the pub and brawling like savages, so much that the police have to be called and then why are you continuing to fight with the police?

Fighting and brawling and heavy drinking is not something someone does if they are concerned about past or future heart attacks.

From what JR himself quotes: "He said he punched Constable Butcher to the stomach two or three times in order to free his son."

Sorry but I don't think assaulting police trying to arrest someone who has been brawling and assaulting others, including the arresting officers, qualifies as self-defence to most normal people. It sounds more like something leftists say after every G20, WTO, WEF et al riot.

Then there is the single charge one of them was found guilty on:

"Scott McLeod was found guilty on the charge of threatening to kill a patron of the pub, who filmed the fight with police officers"

Right. So the perfectly innocent people, who just happened to be brawling at the pub and then continued brawling even after police arrived, then resisted arrest and assaulted the police, were completely innocent and acting in self-defence, hence the need to threaten to kill someone who caught their completely innocent and self-defence assault from behind on video?

Police are rightly outraged as are the majority of the WA public. I for one would fully support the police in taking strike action over this and several others I have spoken have said they would not blame the police one bit for not attending or getting out of their cars and the next brawl they are called in to sort out if this is the level of protection they can expect for doing their jobs and prevent worthless sacks of shit like the McLeods from assaulting others, and a lot of the WA public is feeling less secure as a result.

It is just a shame Robert McLeod didn't suffer a fatal heart attack before spawning his despicable family as the world would be a better place without such refuse in it.

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