Australian taxpayer forced to fund foreign abortions

The Australian - FOREIGN aid will be able to be spent on abortion services and counselling after the Rudd Government today lifted a ban established 13 years ago by the Howard government. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has effectively followed the lead of US President Barack Obama, who has scrapped the policy preventing non-government organisations using official funds overseas to advise about abortions or provide services.
Back when John Howard stood by George Bush after 9/11, Labor called him an 'arse-licker', so can we now call kevin rudd an 'arse-licker'? I think the answer is, yes. rudd said he would govern for all Australians in his first speech as Prime Minister, so much for that folks, I am an Australian and I don't believe in killing off the unborn, so why kevin, why are you using my money to fund their deaths overseas?
......“This is a difficult issue and the Government recognises that there are strong views, firmly held, on all sides,” Mr Smith said.
Yes, strong views, but who gives a shit about those who are against abortion, no difficulty in giving them the middle-finger ey. Thanks for the recognition smith. Don't believe in abortion, well screw you, we'll use your taxes to knock off the unborn anyway.

Those who want to knock off the unborn are free to hand over their money to whoever the heck they want to. With this new policy, those of us who don't believe in murdering the unborn have no choice. We are all dragged down the wretched path. So take your strong views, different sides, fake concern and go to hell stephen smith.
But Mr Smith said “avoiding terminations through family planning services and advice” will continue to be the focus of Australian-funded activities. ......This is part of Australia's commitment to advance the Millennium Development Goals and to improve child and maternal health.
Improve child health, by killing you off before you are born. And Australian taxpayers are going to improve foreign babies' health by trying to prevent their births by killing them off if necessary. Whether they would like to do this or not. Apparently this is what they call 'pro-choice', *spit*.

Apologies for the strong language folks, but this really pisses me off.

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