'Channeling the Young Patrick Henry'

"If this be treason, make the most of it.

No, not treason against this wonderful nation. But this column may sound suspiciously like treason against the cult of Obama, and against his hagiographers in the establishment media, and against the very idea that this president actually loves this nation's liberal, republican, constitutional order. Consider this also to be treason against the myth that our president is a man of deep, or even average, integrity.

Barack Obama is a radical's radical and a man whose ego vastly outstrips his prior accomplishments. He is dangerous, and after just seven weeks he already is leading this country into disaster. ..."

Read the rest of this wonderful, devastating diatribe over at American Spectator.
I'm an old man now and have never for a moment thought that the assassination of a President would be a good thing for America.
Now, I'm not so sure...
If this man serves ('serves' isn't quite the word, unless we're talking about serving some of the most despicable fixers and socialist ideologues ever to make a grab for power) a full term America may not recover from the damage done to her. The traitorous filth -installed by the media and gullible fools looking for salvation via the half-bred fixer- are on course to destroy the Republic . If it takes a bullet to avert that, then so be it.

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