Wikileaks posts absurd list of Australia's blocked internet sites

The "child pornography" excuse used by the Leftist Federal government is shown to be a fraud. ACMA is just a would-be Gestapo. "Gestapo" is an abbreviation for "Geheime Staatspolizei" or "Secret State Police". Judge for yourself whether it fits

The cornerstone of the Federal Government's nationwide internet filter, a "blacklist" of over 2000 websites to be blocked, has been leaked online. The list of 2395 websites was leaked by website Wikileaks today about 11am (Qld time), a website which itself was this week added to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) blacklist for leaking a similar list of censored websites in Denmark.

According to reports, up to half of the banned websites on the list are not even related to child pornography, but include entries in online dictionary Wikipedia, single links to particular YouTube videos, euthanasia sites, the website of a tour operator and a Queensland dentist.

The current list of banned websites stands at 2395, but the [NeoFascist] Government hopes to eventually expand the list to 10,000 sites Australians will be prevented from accessing.


If you Google "Wikileaks", you will find a link to the report on their front page. I could give you the link but I am threatened with a fine of $11,000 a day if I do -- even though there is NO pornography on the Wikileaks page

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