So much for the climate apocalypse

EU Observer - European Union leaders, meeting in Brussels on Thursday (19 March) and Friday, have kicked a decision on committing funds for third world carbon reduction measures and adaptation to unavoidable climate change into the long grass. "Significant domestic and external sources of finance, both private and public, will be required for financing mitigation and adaptation actions, particularly in the most vulnerable developing countries," read the conclusions of the summit. ...... Climate finance for the third world has become the main focus of discussion in the lead-up to the Copenhagen climate change summit in December.

If the EU and US stump up significant chunks of cash for cutting emissions and climate adaptation, developing countries may in return commit to considerable CO2 reductions, even though it is the industrialised north that is responsible for most of the emissions that caused the problem. Two weeks ago, European environment ministers declined to come up with any figure. The following week finance ministers kicked the decision up to the top table. Now it appears that no moves will be made until the June European Council.
So much for the climate-change apocalypse ey, I thought we were all going to burn to a tender crisp or drown as the angry seas swallow us all up if we all didn't do something! Note how it's just stated as fact that it's the bastard industrialized north that is responsible for the end of mankind and all that. No room for dissent folks, not once the doom-mongers have made up their minds.

Amongst all the excuses and waffling over this is the reality of the global financial crisis. Funny thing that, it's easy to squeal and rant and jump around in the street like a bunch of baboons [I'm referring to green groups] when it isn't you who will pay the price, but when it is you who have to cough up actual money, you start to wonder if all this crap is real and if we really are going to burn to a crisp and all that.
...... Sources close to the discussions confirm that Poland is the main opponent to sticking a price tag on EU climate finance for developing countries. Warsaw makes the argument that the economic crisis undermines the ability to make climate finance commitments and does not want to sign off on the mechanism for providing funding without first agreeing how to divide up the burden of the funding among member states.

Poland was backed by Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Hungary, who are opposed to the use of funds from the auctioning of emissions permits for climate finance. But according to the same sources, of the rest of the member states, the UK, Spain and Sweden also did not want to put forward any concrete figures.
Well, it's good to see that even if the fools haven't ditched the global warming hysteria, they're at least a bit wary of throwing their various constituents money down the toilet. I have a feeling that as June rolls around and the planet remains above water, the fires of hell haven't consumed us all and all the various socialists around the world stimulate their countries further into debt, this decision will be kicked even further along into the wilderness.

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