Why Bother?

After how many meetings, inquiries and commissions does the world community decide that thousands have been killed and what happens after that, bugger all. Forget about justice, lawyers, international courts and all that.

The Sudanese are better off leaving altogether or giving up, the world has forgotten. The liberals and left leaning governments, who insist on a perfect war from America, could demonstrate "how to do it" in Sudan, but choose instead, to work diligently in ensuring Iraqis and Afghans suffer a similar fate. As for the UN, the best they can muster up is either send soldiers to watch over the killings and/or establish a sex-for-food scheme.
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says he has documented evidence of thousands of killings of civilians in Sudan's Darfur region. Luis Moreno Ocampo, investigating alleged crimes against humanity, says the killings include large-scale massacres and hundreds of rapes. In a report to the UN, he also criticised Sudan's own investigations.

The report is seen as significant as the court may only prosecute if Sudan has not provided justice for victims. The Sudanese government has said its judiciary will investigate the incidents, but Mr Ocampo says that Sudan does not seem to be investigating and prosecuting the cases that are of interest to the court.
Boy, isn't that shocking.
The International Criminal Court was set up by the UN in 2002 to prosecute individuals for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.
I'll bet in 2012, the Sudanese will still find justice elusive.

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