Another three bite the dust

Hooray! I know I am a day late with this but it doesn't matter. Something this good can be celebrated whenever.

Oh yeah! Three goat fucking terrorists, after leeching off the American taxpayer for far too long (as opposed to just being given a bullet - which is far less than they deserve), have decided to actually do something useful and sort of make amends for their being terrorist shitbags by offing themselves!

That is three less oxygen thieves in the world and I couldn't be happier. Actually I tell a lie. I could be happier if those camel molesting terrorists were actually tortured first. (And I don't mean interrogated in search of information. I mean tortured for no other reason than to make them realise that becoming a terrorist and attacking the West was the single greatest mistake of their insignificant lives.) Tortured - like Saddam used to do. Lefties seem to think he was a nice guy who just got bullied by the US so surely they won't object to his methods being used....

And I could still be happier. Namely if the terrorist shitbags who cashed their own cheques had been our own pig raping terrorists, Hicks and Habib. One is already leeching of Australian tax payers and unless those bloody limey bastards get their act together, the other will soon be leeching off the British taxpayers on his way to leeching off the Australian taxpayers as well.

And now a message to all lefties out there:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Suck shit you filthy traitors. Three more of your terrorist allies are dead, never again to kill innocent people and rape harmless animals. And with Zarqawi having blown his last camel, you must all be loving this week. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

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