Iraq is a quagmire: Beazley

And the opposition leader is an idiot: Australian public.

AUSTRALIAN troops should be pulled out of Iraq and redeployed to counter trouble in the South-East Asian/Pacific region, Opposition Leader Kim Beazley said today.
Here we go again. For sure – all four hundred odd of them will guarantee we subdue the lot, never mind the message we’ll be helping to send, and that’ll be sure to cheer up the Jihadis in Iraq after Abu’s toasting. Terrific plan, Kim.

"Iraq is a quagmire, as I said we shouldn't have been there in the first place, wrong war, wrong place," Mr Beazley told Channel 9. He said Australia should be focusing on fighting Islamist terrorism in Asia.
Yawn. Make up your mind. One minute we shouldn’t have any, the next there aren’t enough. One minute this, one minute the other. That said, how does Kim suggest we use our armed forces to fight terrorism in Asia? Seriously. And I’ve asked this question before. A bit of unilateral action on your mind there, Kimbo?

A fascinating stance to take, given all the sneering from Labor and the Left about our being regarded as the ‘deputy sheriff’ of the region, a quote wrongly (if not mendaciously) attributed to John Howard, and a reference to a sotto voce foreign policy option (taking out terrorists planning attacks from the Asian region) roundly condemned by the very same people as being Conservative, arrogant and insensitive.

So what’s the story, Kimbo and friends? Think we should be accepting the ‘deputy’s’ badge after all, do we?


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