Lemons aplenty

Folks, I am predicting a higher demand and corresponding increase in profits for Lemon farmers. The main areas of increased demand will come from urban areas populated by the elites, cafes and university grounds infested by leftists, marxists, commies and eco terrorists.

The last federal election mauling by the conservatives laid the foundations for a new future in Lemon farming. The Industrial Relations legislation and the Voluntary Student Unionism bill, were single handedly responsible for the biggest spike in lemon consumption since then.

But wait, there’s more, the Howard junta’s nuclear forays and crushing of the ACT’s pro homosexual legislation are further moves to reassure lemon growers that Canberra cares.

If that’s not enough, our blessed dictatorship has moved to strike at the heart of the enemy.
The controversial historian Keith Windschuttle, who last year described the ABC as a "group of Marxists and radicals", has been appointed to its board.

ABC staff criticised the appointment, accusing the Government of stacking its board with conservative commentators. Mr Windschuttle is best known for his 2002 book The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, which challenges the widely held view that genocide was practised by white people against Aborigines in Tasmania.

"This is a sad but predictable appointment," Glenys Stradijot, a spokeswoman for Friends of the ABC said. "The community is no longer surprised that the Government continues to appoint people to the board with no broadcasting experience, who are sympathetic to its narrow political views."
I have been reading a book about the history of the SAS, SAS Behind Enemy Lines : Covert Operations 1941-91 by William, Jr. Fowler. What I admire and love about our men in the SAS is their ability to operate on hostile territory, to disrupt and harass the enemy, thwart their operations and bleed them slowly.

So with directors like Janet Albrechtsen and Keith Windschuttle, the left can plan and scheme, funded by the taxpayer, but the aforementioned directors will be there thwarting their plans and disrupting their grand schemes.

So folks, prepare from some noisy lemon sucking over at the ABC in the near future, next on the list should be SBS. Perhaps all these commies and Marxists can head off to one of their beloved lands, I’m sure Lemons must be quite cheap over in China.

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