Ann Coulter: Leading the fight against the Left

Every time I hear from the stunningly beautiful-in-mind-and-body Ann Coulter (even though I haven’t received her acceptance of my most gracious and heartfelt offer yet), I end up with more respect for her, not least because each blow she strikes at the left seems harder than the last.

If you have been surfing the web, you are no doubt aware of the “controversy” over Ann’s latest best seller. As usual she puts some leftist pieces of shit (are there any other kind of leftists?) firmly in their place and all these other leftists are throwing their little hissy fits over it.

While that was to be expected, what is surprising, and utterly sickening I might add, is how much of this leftist “Oh Ann is so crude and insulting. She was so mean/tactless blah blah fucking blah” bullshit is coming from the Right and more than a few supposedly conservative pundits.

But it is not just the syndicated guys being pussies about it. Supposed conservatives commenting at various blogs have also been spewing bullshit about “enjoying” not being the right word, about Ann being crude and impolite and hurting her credibility and other equally stupid bullshit.

Ann has done a wonderful thing. The left are scum. They are filth. They are traitors. They are worthless pieces of shit deserving of nothing but our contempt and our cruelty.

Not to say Ann was cruel for cruelty’s sake (not that there is anything wrong with that). She wasn’t, as her point about leftist scum trying use victim status as an excuse to shut down debate is dead on.

Who cares if the left are hurt or offended or upset? Why should we give the slightest fuck about how the left feels (unless we are inflicting the pain on them and want to make sure it is the worst they have ever felt)?

They are the enemy in everything they do and everything they stand for. Ann is leading the charge, cutting through the enemy ranks and rather than follow her, there wankers are more concerned about her hurting the enemy’s feelings. Time for you conservative pussies to wake up.

Ann, I’d follow you through Hell itself.

And how is Ann handling all this? Well she has retorted in her inimitable style. After watching that video, I think I am even more in love in with her – if that was even possible.

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