Its all sour grapes...

... sucking on lemons and chewing cloves over on the left. That wretched Bolt, bane of the left, on the ABC 774's drive program.
Now the show's new presenter, Lindy Burns, joins in.

On Monday she had regulars Philip Dunn, QC, a criminal barrister, and Robert Dean, former Liberal shadow treasurer, discuss the killing of al-Qaida's Iraq boss, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Some excerpts:

Dunn: "He sounds like a horrible person, but we only know what we read."

Dean: "He's been doing some pretty rotten things . . . and to that extent that it's a war you're allowed to go and, you know, they're killing you and you have to try to kill them, I suppose. It's the American President coming out and saying 'We've got him' . . . that official sanction to it that I worry about."

Dean: "Once we start to say we're absolutely entitled to use the same techniques as the terrorists and so forth, then we're stepping into a bit of a quagmire."

Burns: "Yes, that's the scary part."

Dunn: "Everybody is celebrating because technology's triumphed. I mean, we haven't found Osama bin-hidin'-in-a-cave yet."

Dunn: "He's obviously a fairly reprehensible human being, but on the other hand, maybe he thought he was justified in doing what he was doing."

Burns: "Obviously from statements we have heard him make over the last couple of years he thought he was completely justified."
I wonder if they will be sucking on lemons and peeling onions when the one year anniversary rolls around.

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