Ann Coulter: NewsMax Poll

I got this in an email from NewsMax. Sorry no link. Some of you may have recieved the email from them.

It seems despite concerted efforts by democrats and left wingers, Coulter retains major support from Americans. There's a lesson in there somewhere for Democrats and the MSM, kowtow to these noisy left wing nutters and its political oblivion and plummeting ratings.
Here are the poll questions and results:

1) Was Ann Coulter wrong in criticizing four 9/11 widows known as the "Jersey Girls"?
Wrong: 15%
Not wrong: 85%

2) What is your opinion of Ann Coulter?
Favorable: 87%
Unfavorable: 13%

3) Do you agree with Hillary Clinton that Ann's book is "vicious" and "heartless"?
Yes, agree: 13%
No, don't agree: 87%

4) Has the media coverage of Ann Coulter and her book been fair?
Fair: 18%
Not fair: 82%
I really like this one. No wonder the left wingers really despise her, few are buying their lies and spin.
5) Of the three, who would you trust for news and information?
Katie Couric: 10%
Ann Coulter: 86%
Al Franken: 4%
I hope lemon growers in Australia have picked up on this, looks like new opportunities are opening up over in America.

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