Cannot compromise

The russians should know better. I wonder if they will be so opposed to the liberation of Iraq and supportive of the Iranians after this. May they rest in peace.
Insurgents in Iraq say they have killed four Russian embassy workers kidnapped at the start of June. The Mujahideen Shura Council, an umbrella group incorporating al-Qaeda in Iraq, released an internet video and a statement announcing their deaths.

The video showed one man being beheaded and another shot dead, as well as the body of a third, but there was no sign of the fourth hostage.

The Kremlin said it could not immediately confirm their deaths. The men were seized in Baghdad on 3 June, and kidnappers said the executions were in revenge for "torture, killing and displacement by the infidel Russian government" in Chechnya.
No point siding with the jihadis, no point making compromises, not supporting America will not buy you friends, only temporary solace.

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