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Somalia's Islamic Courts, which control Mogadishu, have created a new power structure in which a leading Islamist wanted by the US is to play a key role.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys - who is on Washington's list of terrorists with alleged links to al-Qaeda - will head an 88-strong legislative council. Sheikh Aweys, a prominent cleric, is seen as more radical. He previously headed an armed group, al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, which the US said had links with al-Qaeda.

The network of 11 Islamic courts has been set up in recent years in Mogadishu, funded by businessmen in an attempt to re-establish law and order. The courts' stated goal is to restore a system of Sharia law and put an end to impunity and fighting.

Where else did we also have a system of Sharia Law, and all its associated benefits, which led to lots of leftist squealing, and surprisingly, even louder leftist squealing when the hated America went to thrash the jihadis and liberate the country.

Looks like, when the marines are done in Iraq and the afore mentioned country they'll have to go and clean up the mess left by weak kneed leftists (Clinton, cut-and-run-to-Okinawa Murtha etc) in Somalia.

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