The Piper must be paid

On the issue of immigration, I think most Australians would like a fair policy but one that punishes the illegals and in no way encourages queue jumping. We have in many ways learnt from others mistake, but it seems our MPs are suddenly growing weak knees and getting all warm and fuzzy on us.
The Federal Government could delay forcing its controversial migration legislation through parliament's lower house amid fresh talks to quell a backbench revolt over the changes. The laws were expected to be rammed through the House of Representatives today, but the bill's immediate future appears to rest with a second round of talks with rebel backbenchers pushing for changes to the bill.

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, who spent hours bunkered down with the coalition backbenchers yesterday, will hold a second round of talks with the MPs and senators today. Under the legislation, all illegal boat arrivals will be sent offshore to countries like Nauru for processing, rather than be allowed to enter Australia.
If they are not aware of the implications of softly-softly policies, then look to the UK, let's have a look what passes for official policy there. First, we have an individual who took up arms and was prepared to fight coalition troops, American and British, in Afghanistan, he was captured and now the very system he was fighting against is finding ways of bringing him to their shores. Let me assure you, the British taxpayer is, in some way, coughing and wheezing up the expenses for all this.
The UK Foreign Office is to begin the process of potentially freeing Australian terror suspect David Hicks from Guantanamo Bay. Lawyers for Hicks have lost a case in the High Court in London seeking a mandatory order for the Home Office to immediately register Hicks as a British citizen.

But the court action did bring about a commitment that the Home Office will transfer the case to the Foreign Office, which will then act for Hicks in the same way it did for all other Britons in US military custody at Guantanamo Bay.

In their cases the Foreign Office successfully freed them from custody.
Want more, if you let these bleeding heart MPs, have their way, then ultimately it will be a complete relaxation of Immigration rules, the boatloads will come, they'll disappear and the politicians will tell us, years down the line, its all too hard now, can't find them, we don't want to be mean, let em just stay on, they'll pay taxes, you'll get more money, multi-culti, touchy feely, blah blah blah. See what's happening in the UK now, a result of weak immigration policy.
The prospect of an amnesty for illegal immigrants has been raised by the new minister in charge of immigration. Liam Byrne told MPs he had asked for a report on the issues around a possible amnesty, saying it was "too early" to rule out the controversial idea.

There is no official estimate of illegal immigrant numbers. Unofficial estimates vary from 310,000 to 870,000.
So you now have two ways of entering the UK, the hard way, this is for the suckers who want to be honest and fair, and the other way is through the back door, when you get caught just scream and squeal like a pig being led to the slaughter and some bleeding heart somewhere will help themselves to the suckers money to fund your bludging bum.

I wonder if our chicken livered MPs would still be revolting with such fervor if we asked them to help with the costs of housing and processing illegals on our soil.

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