UN Secretary General urges restraint to the Israelis.
The IDF confirmed early Thursday a report the Popular Resistance Committees issued from Gaza that it had executed Eliyahu Asheri, 18, of Itamar, who was kidnapped earlier this week in the West Bank.

IDF combat engineers and Shin Bet agents, acting on intelligence, found Asheri's body Wednesday night in an abandoned car in an open field outside of Ramallah. The youth had been shot in the head, and initial findings indicated that he may have been killed as early as Sunday.
Take note of the above statement, he may have been killed on sunday. But that doesn't stop the treacherous vermin from trying to exploit it, they know very well how to play the media.
On Tuesday, a spokesman for the Hamas-affiliated PRC told Al-Jazeera that Asheri would be "butchered in front of TV cameras" if the IDF operation in Gaza did not stop. "Our patience is running out," he said.
When will the world's patience run out?

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