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Who else caught David Marr’s act on Insiders (ABC TV) this morning? Apart from providing the usual master class in condescending smugness and vile ill manners, the fool did his usual. Poor old Piers Ackerman, though clearly having a good mind, isn’t as quick on his feet as he might be (it’s a rare bird that is, especially in a venue like that one), giving the bad mannered one time to chip in with his usual snide little asides like ‘are you seriously suggesting’, and ‘this is marvellous’, etc, etc.

The fact is, despite Piers’ relatively poor spoken performance, Marr looked every bit as big a fool as he usually does (and is).

The issue:

The Left and the illegal immigration advocates are now squealing about how dreadful we are due to the lack of locks on doors within the immigration detention centres. This lack presents a security problem. That the inmates can’t lock their doors opens them up to being attacked by other inmates. Fair enough. They’re right.

The problem is, there used to be locks. They were removed after incessant squeals from the very same Left and the very same illegal immigration advocates. ‘They’ve done nothing wrong,’ they screamed back then, ‘you can’t keep them in prison-like conditions, especially when they are at risk of self-harm’. Done deal, Lefties and illegal immigration poobahs. No more locks. Mission accomplished.

But here’s the rub, and Piers Ackerman’s point: many, if not most of those in detention, are in the process of being kicked out of the country because they did bad things. And they continue to do bad things while in immigration detention, which should come as no great surprise to anyone. But now, with no locks on the internal accomodation doors (thanks to the idiot Lefties), the detainees are at risk of unwelcome visitations fom other detainees, which they claim to be receiving.

The upshot:

Once again, the Left’s almost pathological myopia, coupled with its absolute failure to think through the consequences of its demands (and actions), leads us to the obvious result of myopic and noddy-headed thinking.

Terrific job, Lefties. And no, you don’t now get to demand their immediate, wholesale release into the community (where they can do bad things to the rest of us). You get to shut the hell up.

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