Reality bites

French attitudes over the Middle East conflict have swung dramatically over the past four years, with the public equally dividing its sympathies between the Palestinians and Israel, a turnaround from four years ago, according to a Pew research survey released Tuesday.

France has long been widely perceived as a special ally in the West to the Arab world, the fruit of its historical roots in the region. A survey four years ago appeared to bear up that assumption, denied by French officialdom. At the time, French respondents to the survey sympathized with the Palestinians over Israel at a roughly two-to-one ratio, 36 percent sympathizing with the Palestinians compared to 19 percent placing their sympathies with Israel.

Today, however, sympathies have undergone a swing in France, home to western Europe's largest Jewish and Arab populations, the latest Pew Global Attitudes survey suggests.

It showed sympathies in France to be equally divided among the public, with 38 percent placing their sympathies with the Palestinians and the same number placing their sympathies with Israel.

"the fruit of its historical roots", read that folks, all that sowing of multi-culti, touchy feely, all are equal leftwing ideology, it was all warm and fuzzy in the beginning, but come harvest time, the French are now reaping a record bumper crop.

I'll bet it's also got something to do with the Arab youths rioting, burning, pillaging and thieving; coupled with sky rocketing insurance premiums and further promises of your own 9/11 coming soon.

Funny thing that reality, ignore it at you peril.

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