Razor Sharp

I was just going to add this into one of the previous posts comments and leave it at that, but no, this deserves the full attention, please take the 30-40 seconds it takes, head over to Hotair and watch Ann Coulter in action.

We recently went out and paid good money to get a proper kitchen knife, well worth the money, its razor sharp, cuts effortlessly through animal and plant, reminds me of Ann Coulter. I can see why you are smitten over her Tiberius, she leaves behind a trail of sobbing leftists.

Has anyone let the jihadi's know about her, put Ann and Condoleezza on the same team and both Leftists and Jihadis will be blown to bits, quick smart.

We all know Rice has the ear of the most powerful man on the planet, she is black, she is highly educated and best of all she is a woman. We all know how the jihadi's hate women's rights, imagine the humiliation of being thrashed by an infidel black woman.

Coulter plays the leftys at their own game (watch the video) and gives them a terrible thrashing.

Somebody let these women loose, the rest of us can go back to doughnuts, beer and safety work at the nuclear power station.

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