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Or maybe we don't. . .

Abbott plan for Aborigines condemned

A PLAN by Health Minister Tony Abbott to put administrators back into Aboriginal communities could create another stolen generation, Labor said today.
Interesting, given there’s bugger all supportable evidence that there was a ‘stolen generation’ in the first place (apart from the screamings from the Left, that is; never test that one in Court, though, guys – doesn’t stand up so well, as we’ve already found out).

Mr Abbott is expected to use the release today of the latest report on Australia's health to recommend a form of paternalism to replace Aboriginal self-determination as a solution to indigenous problems.

He is expected to give a speech proposing giving administrators wide-ranging powers to run communities, saying "a form of paternalism ... based on competence rather than race is really unavoidable if these places are to be well run".
Shall we wait and see what he actually says? No? Fair enough - why waste time when there’s some bullshit to hurl:

Mr Abbott's idea was condemned by opposition parties today.
Stun me!

"What we know of 200 years of Australian history is that paternalism didn't work," Opposition indigenous affairs spokesman Chris Evans said.
Uh huh. And what we know of the last 40 years of the Left's histrionic meddling in Aboriginal affairs is that you don't work – full stop.

"Paternalism is what saw the black children taken away from their parents.
Ah, no, Chris. Parents sent their children, and largely so they could get an education. In cases where children were abandoned or at risk, the authorities of the day did precisely what they do today - unless they’re Aboriginal, of course. These days, rather than help, we leave Aboriginal children to be raped and murdered by loving Uncles and friends, lest we be seen to be ‘stealing’ them. Don't want to be all nasty and paternalistic, now, do we.

It's intellectually bankrupt for the government to say it's got no new ideas.
No, actually, I think it’s intellectually bankrupt to suggest the Government should continue to pursue the Left’s hideous approach toward Aboriginals and their welfare for so much as another minute, Chris.

"I think Aboriginal people would be very concerned that we're going to have another experiment enacted upon them by the Government," he said.
And who could blame them. They’ve been suffering under Labor’s and the Left’s ideological cudgels for quite long enough.

Labor's health spokeswoman, Julia Gillard, said Mr Abbott should not lecture indigenous Australians when the Government had failed to improve their health.

"And he should be taking responsibility for the fact that after 10 long years of the Howard government we haven't made any difference to the huge gap in life expectancy between indigenous Australians and other Australians.”
Actually, that’s because they’ve largely left the Leftist bullshit in tact, Julia, more is the pity (and the shame).

"It's not good enough for Tony Abbott to be out there lecturing everybody else about what it is that they should be doing. He should be out there today saying what he's going to do."
Hang on. Isn't it Abbott's plan to employ Aboriginal Administrators that you're commenting about, Julia? The plan he hasn't actually talked about yet, but we're all expecting him to lecture us on at any moment? So he's not saying what he's going to do? And you're cross. But weren’t you just telling us he shouldn’t be lecturing people - even though he hasn’t actually said anything yet (stuff that he shouldn’t be saying, according to you, except that he should be)? Of course, the fact that he hasn't actually said anything yet, except for what we're apparently all expecting him to say. . .never mind.

Perhaps Bob can clear up this mystery of the 'did he or didn't he' talking Abbott?
Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said Mr Abbott was out of step with reality. "It shows the mindset from Tony Abbott, it's just extraordinary that Tony Abbott thinks he is the father of the Aboriginal people of Australia," Mr Brown said.”
What was I thinking?

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