Hicks hijinks

David Hicks, the knockabout larrikin Muslim insurgent from the outback, who is still cooling his heels in Gitmo, has now been granted British citizenship on the basis of his ol' dear Mum's birthplace bein' the ole Blighty, see?

Now, the UK have said that because Hicks was a dinky-di ocker when he was caught gallivanting around northern Afghanistan by the Northern Alliance in 2002, they can't be arsed asking for him back, like they did with the rest of the home-grown British terrorist scum. As for Australia's view? He's the UK's problem now, the Hicks family wanted it like that, now they have to deal with the consequences.

The Australian Government has backed Britain's decision, with Foreign Minister Alexander Downer saying he had briefings with the British Government during his visit to London.

"It's really nothing to do with us," Mr Downer told ABC radio from London today.

The minister's comments angered Mr Hicks, who implored the Australian Government to follow other governments and press for the release of their citizens from Guantanamo Bay.

"I'm getting used to Mr Downer's cynical remarks, he's almost gloating," Mr Hicks said. "I find it strange that he is in London when the British announce their decision, he may have gone over to dig a hole for David.

Maybe. Personally, I'm hoping he just went there to gloat.

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