Socialized medicine - A bottomless pit

SMH - Every year 1,500 Australians pay with their lives for overcrowding in public hospitals, the nation's peak doctors' group said as it warned taxpayer-funded services were on the brink of collapse. The Australian Medical Association (AMA), in its annual report card, said the commonwealth and every state and territory government had been given an F for fail on public hospital services. The report card painted a damning picture of public hospitals straining under the pressures of overcrowding, unacceptable waiting times in emergency departments, and elective surgery delays.

......The AMA report argues the new AHCAs must take into account a likely influx of extra patients after a projected 500,000 people dump private health cover as a result of changes to Medicare levy surcharge thresholds. It shows many hospitals run at well over the 85 per cent safe occupancy level - including every public hospital in NSW - and one third of patients in emergency departments have to wait longer than 30 minutes for attention.
Go on then, inject, boost, accelerate etc another 3 billion into the system, in a year or two you'll hear the same complaints all over again, more money is needed, getting worse, 'F' for fail and whatever else. Incidentally, that 3 billion that they're demanding isn't actually coming from Santa Claus, the surplus is pretty much gone thanks to our 'economic conservative' prime minister, so our taxes are going to have to go up to keep this level of funding.

Maybe when our taxes have gone up to about 50% minimum, the masses out there might start wondering, how come people are still dying and the hospitals are still overcrowded and all that. You know, maybe government isn't the best provider of any damn service and giving this to them was a bad idea. Yeah I know, wishful thinking.

No matter how much money we throw at socialized medicine it will never be enough. One reason is that the system it not designed to make us look after ourselves. There is no incentive for us to drink less, eat healthy, exercise more or save our money for future healthcare costs.

Look at the youth of the nation, many are drinking themselves blink-drunk every weekend. London is the drug abuse capital of the world, yet if they turn up at the nearest emergency room because of their lifestyle, they don't pay. Someone else picks up the tab via their taxes.

Today, I read that some resort up in Queensland is going to host some sort of month-long sex orgy or something, to boost tourism. And who pays if the miscreants catch something during their activities, yep, you guessed it, in most likelihood the taxpayer.

Just the other day I read that obese people in Britain are going to be paid to lose weight now. Heavens above, what next, paid to drink less, paid to smoke less, paid not to do drugs, paid to behave yourself, paid not to fornicate willy-nilly?

Where does it end, when will people say enough is bloody enough, if everyone wants to do what they bloody well please then they need to take responsibility for their own actions and pay for the consequences!

It's anyone guess, but one thing I think I can say for sure, it'll get a lot worse before enough of us will figure it out.

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