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For those of you in America who think that one measly vote won't count, I'm here to tell you, yes it will.

Here in Melbournistan, we had a very successful State Liberal (conservative) government with Jeff Kennett as Premier.

Jeff (aka The Chairman) ran the state as a business, and he pulled the economy from deep in the red to comfortably in credit, but he got a bit too cocky.

As a result, a few voters decided that they weren't happy, and voted against him in 1999.

Unfortunately for this state, the few turned out to be a whole lot more than anticipated, and as a result, we've been stuck with a Leftward-bound government ever since.

Jeff resigned from the party, and left politics, and he also left a rather large vacuum which his party has been unable to fill. After nearly 10 years they still haven't got a clue, such was the disarray he left them in.

The state of Victoria can be seen as a model of what not to do in an election - we now have an over-active activist judiciary, we have some of the most draconian thoughtcrime legislation in the world (Racial and Religious Tolerance Act).

We have speed cameras in plague proportions, and if you go 3kms over the limit you will get fined and heavily.

We have "Workcover" that looks after workers who are injured, which is okay on the surface, but small business owners are stiffed by a government organisation that requires them to pay for someone who either can't or won't work. Case in point: a small child care centre where a worker slipped and hurt her elbow. She needed some surgery, and has since been declared fit to work. However, she refuses to work with the children now, and only wishes to do admin work. She goes to her doctor, approved by Workcover, on a regular basis and gets a certificate to say she can't work.

In the meantime, she's not worked for months, and the centre is still paying her wage, while also having to pay for someone to cover the work she did.

This is the sort of socialised and subsidised crap you'll find if Barry gets up.

Don't ever think that one vote doesn't count.

I can tell you that it does. I know, because I thought the same when I voted against Jeff.

Near 10 years down the track, I still regret that, and I will for the rest of my life.

One vote can make a difference.


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