And there go the tax-cuts..

The Australian - KEVIN Rudd's $6 billion ambition of abolishing the top tax rate is on hold, with the Government blaming the global financial crisis. As promises to pursue federal-state reform through bonus payments to the states face the budget razor, hopes of further income tax reform have also dissolved for now.

Mr Rudd's stated goal was to have three, not four, tax rates by 2013-14 - 15 per cent, 30 per cent and 40 per cent - but both sides of politics said at the last election that further reform depended on the state of the budget. Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner confirmed today that the so-called “aspirational” tax cuts were now on the backburner.
As I said back in the beginning of the year, the tax-cut they unwilling let us have in June/July will be the last one for a long time, if ever. Economic crisis, full moon, high tide, blackhole 10,000 light years away, whatever excuse they can come up with, you won't get to keep any more of the money that you work for than they let you keep now. Consider yourself lucky if they decide not to jack up taxes and jack up cost of living, don't forget about the war on carbon folks, cos the left sure haven't.

Here's a video of the Ruddster waffling about 'fairness' back before the last election, I understand if those of you on the top tax rate enjoying this fairness, feel the urge to spit. Remember the Ruddster was telling us back then that he would, 'govern for all Australians', you see that's where you hard-workers come in, after all some one has to subsidize their core voter-base you know.

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