My Vote For Quote Of The Week:

Cobalt Shiva over at The Jawa Report:
The comments on this post demonstrate that Oscar Wilde's "love that dare not speak its name" now has no earthly idea of when to shut the fuck up.
Cobalt Shiva | 11.05.08 - 7:08 pm

This is regarding Proposition 8 and it's passage in California.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of whether gay marriage should be allowed or not, Cobalt Shiva's comment underlines the biggest problem that gays have when it comes to acceptance from your regular, hetero, usually church-going average joe.

Too much bleating. I'm thinking squeaky wheels and oil here, and while it can work, it also breeds resentment.

Another problem the gay groups have is the rather visible segment who indulge in all sorts of..... appalling behaviour in public.

Please note that the last two links are most definitely not safe for work, and not safe for the squeamish. I have a pretty strong stomach, but there are some things that really shouldn't be allowed out in public.

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