Our gun-control laws, hard at work...

LiveNews - One of five Sydney men accused of hatching a terrorist plot had enough ammunition in his home to fire a rifle non-stop for 38 hours, a jury has been told. Mohamed Ali Elomar, 43, is standing trial in the NSW Supreme Court over an alleged terror plot conceived between July 2004 and November 2005. He and four alleged co-conspirators - Khaled Cheikho, 35, Moustafa Cheikho, 31, Abdul Rakib Hasan, 39, and 24-year-old Mohammed Omar Jamal - have each pleaded not guilty to conspiring to commit acts in preparation for a terrorist act.

......A search of Elomar's house allegedly uncovered 12 guns, including two high-powered rifles and a total 28,000 rounds of ammunition. ......There were four boxes of hexamine fuel, and documents including a 1,000-page manual about paramilitary training and the manufacture of bombs, Mr Maidment said. Between July and August 2005, Omar Baladjam - who is also named in the conspiracy - ordered an additional 20,000 rounds, worth $12,000, said Mr Maidment.
High-powered rifles and 28,000 rounds of ammo, and some of you fools thought our gun-control laws kept us safe! And yet you go and ask any authority if you can carry a small-calibre gun with just 2 lousy bullets in it to protect yourself against something like this incident or this one, for example, maybe even this one. They'll laugh at you, and maybe put you on some sort of register to keep an eye on you.

So, is it time for us to ditch the stupidity of gun-control, and while we're at it, also ditch the stupidity of multiculturalism as well?

Or do a few thousand of us have to be shot to death or blown to bits before we finally figure it out.

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