Four Years Of Winter

>>>>That pic is by Montana's most famous artist, Charlie Russell, depicting the "Last of Five Thousand" during a particularly harsh winter in the 1880's. If you're wondering what the other title means, a "chinook" is a sudden warm wind that occasionally rushes up from the south during winters here, raising temperatures 20, 30, even 40 degrees or more in a matter of hours - sometimes mere minutes.<<<<

Appropriately enough, there was fresh snow on the ground when I got up yesterday - the day after the media finally dragged the Sacred Sock Puppet across the Finish Line.

I deliberately avoided all news - including the internet - Tuesday night.
I had already voted, and whatever America decided was out of my hands.

When I heard the news on the radio that morning, and after I'd seen the snow, my first thought was of Ragnarok, the old Norse end-days myth. At least I already lived through the jimmuh "PeanutBoy" cahtuh disaster in the 70's, and thus have an unhappy notion of what to expect when b. hussein obama sits his ass in the Oval Office...particularly with the gibbering liberalites pelosi and reid running Congress.

I have no illusions about the shit-sandwich those drooling idiots in D.C. will be expecting America - and the world - to eat, but I quickly got over my disgust and "got my grunt on".
It's going to be four years of winter - cold, uncomfortable, and costly - but I'll keep puttin' one boot in front of the other, just like infantry grunts always have....

The economy? Hell, NOBODY knows what it's going to be doing next month, much less in a year, but count on all the crap the Sock Puppet is proposing to absolutely make it worse.

availability (and standards) in America will soon rival that of Cuba.
Depending on how things go with the Supreme Court Justices, the effects of this coming winter will likely last into my childrens' lifetimes.
It's already pretty much a foregone conclusion that American servicemen and women will sacrifice for little or no gain...starting with running away from Iraq, and moving on to other venues yet to be announced (remember Mogadishu?) as the White-Flaggots desperately snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Another attack on the Homeland?
There's plenty of dedicated Americans who will strive to keep that from happening, but how much will the ACLU and Kum-bye-ya Krowd shackle their efforts?
Incandescent bulbs, cheap electricity, energy independence - forget it.
Truth in the media? You're kidding, right?
¿usted habla espaƱol? Better learn.
Second Amendment rights?
...sure, file those with the religious restrictions already extant on Christianity.

...and on and on and on....

Like I said, it's going to be four years of winter, and - like any hard winter - people will die for no good reason...
and that's not just abortions, either.
Count on it.
But, also like any hard winter, eventually the survivors will make it to spring, and - with enough hard work - things will get better....similar to how Reagan salvaged America from the ravages of the rabid peanut-farmer.

As for the fate of the Sacred Sock Puppet?
I'm not stupid enough to want his sorry ass dead - do you really believe hoof'n'mouth joe biden would be any better?
...or - if they both took dirt-naps - can you honestly tell me that san-fran-nan pelosi would be some sort of improvement?

Ever see the movie "300" - the fictionalized account of the Battle of Thermopylae?
In the climactic final scenes, Leonidas is confronted by the traitorous hunchback Ephialtes who had betrayed the Spartans to the Persians.
The king told his betrayer, "May you live forever", meaning he hoped the jackal would live to experience all the shame and guilt his actions had earned him...forever.

All hail the New King...The One...the Sacred Sock Puppet.
The whole while he's on his throne, people like me will be working to keep everyone posted on every betrayal, every tear in the Constitution, every poke in the eyes of the Founders.
We will chronicle his lies, failures and treachery for history to judge.
We will be watching.
May he live forever.

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