Homey brought a knife to a gunfight!

Daily Mail - Kadeem, the son of two social workers was shot dead in front of his friends by a rival gang member after they arranged to meet for a fight. ......One youth, who heard the shots yards from her house in Normanton, Derby, said: 'He was waiting for the rival gang member but wasn't expecting him to come with a gun. 'Apparently, the killer was asking onlookers whether he should shoot Kadeem. Kadeem was goading him, saying, "Go on then, shoot me". So he did.

......Youths said Kadeem carried a knife and had traded insults with his killer in the past. ......Derby's gun problems have been overshadowed by those of its East Midlands neighbour Nottingham. Gang rivalry there led to the drive-by killing of 14-year-old Danielle Beccan as she walked home in October 2004. But while Nottingham police have managed to reduce the toll of injuries, fears are growing that armed drug-runners are concentrating on Derby.

The latest shooting is the city's ninth in 12 months as rivalry between teenagers on neighbouring estates escalates into deadly violence. ......Locals said the violence fell after a police crackdown, but a new wave of hardened youngsters has taken over, coinciding with greater access to guns. One ex-member said: 'Guns are easy to get hold of now. A year or two ago, we used to be able to go anywhere in Derby, but now there's trouble if you go into the wrong areas. It's all down to drugs.'

MK - I thought Britain didn't have a problem with gun crime, that since they banned guns it was some sort of violence-free utopia. Somebody better forward the guns-are-banned memo to homey and all his chums cos they obviously didn't get it.

Naturally social workers and bureaucrats will be working to resolve the issue and make Britain gun-free again, like they have been all along. So how about allowing the law-abiding to own guns to protect themselves from homey and his chums while the social workers work their magic? I mean, homey has already said it's easy as pie for them to get guns, so how bout it nanny state?

Yeah, didn't think so, apparently they're much safer this way, walking around defenseless and as cowards, unable to protect themselves, their families or their possessions. Just run, hide, call-a-cop, hand everything over, beg or bend over and try to think of a better place or something.

Here, have some more koolaid, it'll take your mind off your lack of liberty.

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