Plausibly Deniable Plumber Update

Time for a follow-up on the abuse of power by the liberalite thugs in Ohio.

Not just ONE party hack violated Joe the Plumber's private life, but EIGHTEEN separate "investigations", with not just a couple (they've got to admit to SOMETHING) but at least EIGHT of those rights violations were "done without any legitimate business purpose".

So what did they do to the koolaid-swillin' obamaniac that pulled this crap?

Suspended for a month.

Well, powder my butt and gimme a bottle - I feel SO much more warm and fuzzy about those guardians of the public trust now...

Don't you?

Gee, looks like as long as you've got friends in high enough places - particularly if they're in positions to have given the (untraceable, plausibly deniable) orders - then you can break laws and "investigate" civilians who have the audacity to ask the questions the lap-dog media should have been asking for the past two years...and your only worry is what to do with a month's worth of free time.

...oh, without pay.

No gettin' fired.

No jail time.

No criminal record.

And these are the same jackass liberalites who piss themselves because we wiretap terrorist calls into America.

For a final thought: eighteen "investigations", eight of 'em bad, and only ONE sacrificial goat?
Yeah, right....

Want mustard on your irony sandwich?

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