Pedophile free to live next to his victim! - A SYDNEY teenager is living in fear after a neighbour who was jailed for sexually abusing her moved back into the house next door.
Two weeks ago, the Macquarie Fields man finished serving a sentence of five years and two months for an attack on his young neighbour, and immediately moved back into his home. ......The girl was 12 when she was abused and was so devastated by the attack she tried to kill herself, she told the Seven Network today.

She was now living at a friend's home because she was so frightened of the man. ......Her father was shocked that authorities had let the man move next door to his daughter. "How can they let him back there, to let her suffer again?" he asked. However, a NSW Corrective Services spokeswoman said there were no restrictions on the man's movements. "He served his full sentence. He's not on parole," she said. "Under the law ... there is no restrictions."

Father was shocked eh, I'm not. What did he think, that the authorities cared for him or something, ha! Dream on folks, wake up and figure it out will ya. I hear on a regular basis about people in this country living in fear of criminals, women scared to take the train, avoiding certain parts of their towns, people getting bashed up and left in hospital. Criminals with guns, gangs with guns and knives. Robberies, muggings, rapes, murders. It all happens you know.

Perhaps some people think that because it hasn't happened to them, it's all good, it's like a fairy land or something, no worries, she'll be right mate! And while all this is going on, what's the state that supposedly cares for you doing, that's right, passing tough new laws to deal with criminals that never actually deal with them. So until you figure it out, you'll just continue to be shocked, upset and what not.

You heard them, no restrictions, but I'll tell you where there are restrictions. If that father wanted to go out and get a gun to protect his family, if his daughter wanted to go and get a gun to protect herself from the next scumbag, that's where the restrictions are. Those same authorities, fresh from washing their hands of this family and community will come running to ensure that you remain defenseless. Apparently you're much safer that way.

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