Criminal immigrants finally given the boot

LiveNews - A Samoan woman and her son, living in Sydney, will be deported because they're violent serial offenders. ......Police successfully applied to the Department to have the pair's temporary visas cancelled, based on their criminal histories. "People who do not respect the laws of this country do not deserve to enjoy the privilege of living here," NSW Police Force Commissioner Andrew Scipione said.

......"Since arriving 11 years ago this woman has accumulated a long criminal history for offences including drug supply, assault and intimidation. "Her son has been in Australia 10 years and in that time has run up a history for several serious armed robbery and intimidation offences. ......They will be deported to New Zealand.
About time I say, good on ya Commissioner, but I have to ask of our politicians, how come it took 10 years [give or take] of criminal activity before they were finally deported? I mean, how many chances does an immigrant have to get before we put our foot down and say, you gotta go from here. We have enough criminals here and we don't need to import any more.

Why can't we deport them when they are convicted of a serious crime, like armed robbery, murder, rape etc. Make them serve the sentence handed down by the court, then send em' back to where they came from, file marked, 'never to be let back in'.

Alternatively if that's too harsh, how about giving them an option, deportation or they serve an extra 50% of the original sentence. Heck, maybe even put them into a chain-gang [Sheriff Joe style] to work it off, we need the free labour you know. Last I checked the budget surplus is pretty much gone, so we need to ease up on the taxpayer as much as possible.

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